February 26, 2020
  • February 26, 2020
A Closer Look mystery shopping

Is A Closer Look mystery shopping right for me?

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As my regular readers know I am a serial mystery shopper, and I like to look for new opportunities all the time. I’m constantly looking for mystery shopping companies that can help you to go out there and earn some extra money in a fun way while getting your hands on free clothes, food and drinks. I was clicking through the internet the other night while the TV was on, and I found a great site called A Closer Look mystery shopping . I just loved the name to begin with, so I decided to read on.

Being an established mystery shopper, I actively search for features and strong reputations that will set a mystery shopping company apart from its competitors, making it most appealing to my readers. A Closer Look has just won the 2016 Shoppers’ Choice Award through the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), so you know that they will be offering you some great opportunities to get paid to shop and experience fun nights out! It is the flexibility in scheduling and variety of shops A Closer Look offers that really wins over their shoppers.

A Closer Look mystery shopping - is it for me?

What do A Closer Look mystery shopping do?

They have a great client list, so you can get your hands on drinks, food and your favourite items from retail stores and be reimbursed (and sometimes even paid)for doing it. You’ll need an eye for detail, access to the internet and be able to post your reports within 12 hours of carrying out the shop, but these are all easily achieved. In return, there are plenty of assignments available all over the United States and Canada in locations such as:

  •          Bars
  •          Restaurants
  •          VIP lounges
  •          Shops
  •          Movie Theaters
  •          Hotels
  •          Gyms
  •          And more

A Closer Look has an easy-to-use website that shows you all the available mystery shopping opportunities near you. Pop out on your lunch break and get a bite to eat, go to the mall on your day off or enjoy a weekend away. Sign up with A Closer Look mystery shopping. And carried out a few assignments, the number of shops available to you will grow. You can sign up at https://insight.a-closer-look.com/ShopperApplication-Start.aspx; please quote reference STT001 when you apply for a chance to win $50 in a quarterly drawing!

A Closer Look mystery shopping and me

What it means for you

The beauty of A Closer Look is the wide range of clients you can shop for. The details of each assignment can be found on the website. And it outlines all the things that are expected of you:

  •          What times and dates you can shop
  •          Whether you have to shop alone or bring a friend (great for a girlie meal out)
  •          If you have to buy anything specific
  •          The amount of money you will be paid and/or reimbursed

This last part is important when it comes to your taxes. The money you are reimbursed just repays what you had to spend on the mystery shop. This is not taxable. The fees that you may be paid need to be reported as income if you make over $600.

A Closer Look mystery shopping and you

The amount of money you will earn depends on the type and number of mystery shops you carry out each month. The pay is on the 4th Monday of the following month, so you never have to wait long to be reimbursed for your shops! Reimbursement is sent in the form of a check. A Closer Look doesn’t need you to carry out a minimum number of shops per months.

So they offer the ultimate in mystery shopping flexibility. The focus on fashion (retail shops) and eating out (restaurants/bars) means that 21 to 29 year-old shoppers will see more jobs available for them to conduct. Some bars and restaurants want to ensure their bartenders and servers are asking for ID, so those in the 21-29 age group are ideal candidates to check out age compliance shops in their area. Hence there are plenty of mystery shopping opportunities for all ages. So don’t let the age compliance shops deter you from applying!

Check out my book to find out how to get into mystery shopping. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about A Closer Look mystery shopping today.