May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
a mystery shopper meaning - get better all the time

A mystery shopper meaning

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I am often asked what a mystery shopper meaning is. There are several definitions, depending on where you are in the world – and what you want to do with it. Mystery shopping is essentially –

The task of testing the service retailers and hospitality organisations offer.

And to know what this means, you have to do some reading. Each mystery shopping company will have a different view of what they expect. Gathering some information will help you to step in the right direction. In addition, you can start to form an idea of the mystery shopping you want to do. A mystery shopper meaning to get free meals will need to know what companies to use.

a mystery shopper meaning - for you

In short, there is a bit of reading to do in order to become a better mystery shopper. This doesn’t take up much of your time, but can really help.

A mystery shopper meaning – some light reading!

Some reading for the budding mystery shopper from various sources-

I think that it’s always good to read as much as you can about mystery shopping, to converse with other mystery shoppers and to ask as many questions as you can. Being a mystery shopper can be a lonely cause, and having people to bounce off helps.

a mystery shopper meaning - do some reading

Getting better all the time

To quote a Beatles song, it’s all about getting better all the time. Nobody wants to stand still. Making decent money from mystery shopping comes from knowing what to do. This comes from experience – yours and the experience of others too. Think about how you get better at anything. Learning and practice seem to be common answers to this question. A mystery shopper meaning to improve will take this advice on board.

Try reading up, try discussing with others and improve what you do.

Looking into becoming a mystery shopper? Don’t know where to start? Want hints and tips?

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