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A mystery shopper report example

A mystery shopper report example

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A mystery shopper report example

A mystery shopper report example

A mystery shopper report is how you feed back your experience. It is an essential part of the process, so people can understand the way their service makes people feel. And how it affects the potential for making more money. Understanding this helps retailers. There are all too familiar stories of retailers getting things wrong. Here is an example of the key areas a mystery shopper report covers –

Who you spoke to – a mystery shopper report example

Mystery shopping companies want to know the people you engaged with. And this is to help reward good performance and identify training needs. This is the core of a mystery shop. The service levels are the be-all and end-all of retail. And this starts with the people. In addition, don’t think that you are being harsh on people. This is to build support for what they do, and assess the way that the training and coaching is delivered to develop the team. You will need to gather name, and sometimes a description. Each mystery shopping company has their own criteria here, so look this up before you go.

What the service was like

This is a vital element of your mystery shopping experience. In a mystery shopper report example we focus on how this service affects us. It seems like the main measure of your assignment is the service you receive. Make sure you gather all relevant details to give the full picture. There will be a set of instructions of precisely what you should measure. Read and re-read to get the most from the experience. You don’t want to end up with a report that can’t be used.

How it made you feel

This is too often omitted. How the service made you feel is important, so don’t be afraid to include it. Too many people submit a basic report that doesn’t add anything of value. Writing a few words that explain the way the service made you feel is valuable to the retailer. It might look like they are selling goods, but in effect they are selling an experience. Mention your end of it. This makes the whole experience come to life.

A mystery shopper report example – Don’t forget

There are essential elements to every mystery shop. The core standards are present on just about every shop you do. A mystery shopper report example wouldn’t be complete without it. These usually include –

  • Make a purchase
  • Take a photo of the exterior
  • Keep your receipt

These ensure your report can be validated – and you get paid! There is nothing worse than carrying out a shop to find you have missed something. So you can be in a situation where you don’t receive the fee for the shop if the report isn’t complete. Also you should aways read the assignment notes thoroughly and ask if you have any questions.

We can help if you are stuck, but the best port of call is the mystery shopping company who has set you the assignment. Their team will have all the data you need, and are there to support and offer guidance.