May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
mystery shopping car dealerships

Advantages of mystery shopping car dealerships

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The skill of the sales staff is largely the driving force of a successful car dealership. As well as the level of service they provide. For most people, buying a vehicle will be the second biggest purchase they make in their lifetime (after buying a home.) Because there are so many makes and models available, customers are likely to do a significant amount of background research before even stepping on the forecourt. In this article, we aim to look at some of the ways mystery shopping car dealerships can drive sales.

The devil is in the detail

The knowledge of products and services demonstrated by sales people is vitally important. When a customer buys a car, their treatment by sales staff is critically important. Used now for decades, mystery shopping for motor dealerships can yield highly beneficial information. Customers are more likely to make a purchase, make more purchases and make recommendations to others.

Eliminating industry stereotypes

Most of the time, car salesmen provide a high standard of service. However, it is unfortunate that many stereotypes still exist in the industry. So as such, it is important for sales staff to make sufficient sales in addition to providing an honest and fair service. Thanks to the internet, customers can now post reviews of their experiences. As well as review experiences of others. And they are likely to avoid dealerships that fall short of this.

How can mystery shopping car dealerships maintain this balance?

As mentioned, it is essential for staff to perform well sales wise. However, they must also demonstrate integrity.

So how is it possible to maintain this balance? Management normally dictate culture, expectations and standards in motor dealerships. The most important elements are training, supervision and monitoring. Inevitably however, these are time intensive resources.

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What questions can mystery shopping car dealerships answer?

The key questions that car mystery shopping aims to address are:

Have staff absorbed methods and values as created by management.

How do customers experience this?

Ultimately, dealerships can use these questions to help make improvements to not only sales but also customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of mystery shopping car dealerships ?

Questions such as:

  • ‘do customers get treated in the right way’
  • ‘are we making enough sales’
  • ‘do staff know what is expected of them?’

Are important questions staff can ask within dealerships. With regards to the mystery shopping process.

Another advantage of mystery shopping is that when a staff member performs well, this provides evidence of why another member of the team may not be performing as well. Which subsequently allows management to identify training opportunities.

And dealerships may be able to identify new or better ways of doing things. Resultantly, improvements may be possible. And service standards may be able to be improved. Critically however, the way feedback is processed can be vitally important to the future success of the dealership.

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How does staff interaction affect customer service?

A customer is likely to interact with many staff in a dealership when buying a car. As such, it is important for staff to interact with customers appropriately. Because this can affect their overall experience.

What can mystery shopping car dealerships show?

A mystery shopping exercise in a car dealership can potentially create a lot of data. For example: telephone skills, interpersonal skills and speed of responsiveness. However, to really get the most out of mystery shopping at a car dealership, it should be used regularly. So that performance of the dealership can be consistently monitored.

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