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What are the advantages of mystery shopping for hotels ?

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Hotels do not traditionally associate with mystery shopping. Instead, there is a classic vision of a mystery shopper. Which is usually someone that walks around a retail store. Making observations on customer service, stock availability or store appearance. However, did you know that hotels are increasingly using mystery shoppers to gauge overall experience? Mystery shopping for hotels is a thing! Pair it with mystery shopping airlines to put the full package together.

Why is bad customer experience damaging?

It is not uncommon for guests to experience problems in hotels. Check any hotel social media page or on-line review. Somewhere you are likely to see comments on rude staff, poor food or dirty rooms. And this kind of feedback can be damaging. Because it can go viral. And give the establishment a bad reputation. Which can have severe implications on your bottom line. So think about how mystery shopping for hotels can improve all of this.

Why can’t I just rely on on-line feedback?

Because this is often too generic. And implementation of certain actions can become difficult. Comments such as ‘the food was terrible’ demonstrate this. In contrast, mystery shopping feedback allows identification of negative actions & behaviours. Which provides a more accurate view. Compared to visits from head office. Mystery shopping for hotels helps gauge a real-life situation.

mystery shopping for hotels - does it work for you?

What are the advantages of mystery shopping for hotels ?

A mystery shopper spends time in a hotel, evaluating many parts of it. e.g. customer service, cleanliness, food, décor & efficiency of staff. Feedback obtained can be used by staff & management. To suggest improvements for certain parts of the business. Moreover, when customers are happy, they are likely to return in future. And recommend to friends and family. Regular mystery shopping visits keep your staff on their toes. And ensure that staff are consistently providing a high level of service. If staff are doing a great job- reward them! Nothing is better for morale & employee retention.

mystery shopping for hotels - what is it?

Conclusion – why mystery shopping for hotels ?

Hotels do not traditionally associate with mystery shopping. However, hotels are increasingly using mystery shopping. To gauge overall guest experience. Bad customer service can be very damaging to a hotels reputation. On-line feedback can be useful to gauge customer experience. However, in general it isn’t sufficiently detailed to uncover specific problems. Which is where the mystery shopper comes in. Mystery shopping for hotels can troubleshoot specific problems. This is achieved by exploring all parts of the hotel. Which can then be used by staff & management to make improvements. Overall, changes can ensure customers are consistently happy. Which can help eliminate negative feedback. Which is likely to see large improvements to your hotels bottom line.

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