July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
Advantages Of Mystery Shopping

Advantages Of Mystery Shopping

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Mystery shopping has become big business over the last few years. As companies want to know how their teams are doing, mystery shoppers get the call. And this is set to continue for some time into the future. But what does that mean to you? In this article, we will look at the advantages of mystery shopping.

If you become a mystery shopper then you can benefit from all of these advantages. It’s easy to get started as a mystery shopper. And once you’re started you get to sample all of the great thing we’re going to outline below. Without further ado, let’s look at the advantages of mystery shopping.

Advantages Of Mystery Shopping

Free Stuff

Put simply, there is such a thing as a free lunch. And it comes courtesy of mystery shopping. And it isn’t just food. Take these two scenarios as examples –

  1. Mystery shopping in a retail store
  2. Mystery shopping in a restaurant

Now the vast majority of mystery shopping assignments will come in one of these two formats. There are plenty of other types but the main ones are here.

In the first, whatever you buy as part of the assignment, you get to keep in the majority of mystery shopping assignments. There will be a spending limit, but within this you can buy pretty much anything. I have carried out many clothing store mystery shopping assignments that have bagged me shoes, shirts, jeans and many more clothing items both for myself and the kids. That’s one of the advantages of mystery shopping that you might not already know.

In the second, you get to keep what you eat, paid for by the mystery shopping company. So, if you grab a meal in a restaurant, then the bill is footed by someone else. It’s a great way to get your hands on free food. It can be easy if you live in a town or city to get many of these mystery shopping assignments. I once went for a whole week without paying for my meals. It was a challenge that I set myself. I was really happy to explore this and find out how I could get free food regularly. If you embark on a similar challenge then I’d love to hear about it.

Earn Money

Of course, the main reason that people start out on the road to become a mystery shopper is the cash. Now you won’t become a millionaire as a mystery shopper, but the extra cash comes in really handy. I expect that when I’m mystery shopping several days per week then the earnings are a few hundred pounds per week. I do this in addition to all the other things I do to earn a living. So, when I can earn a few hundred pounds in a week this makes a big difference to my life.

The money you earn from an assignment is known as the fee. The money you get to cover the purchases (as we looked at above) is called the reimbursement. It’s good to know some of the jargon before you set out on the road to becoming a mystery shopper. And the fees range from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds depending on the kind of assignment and the amount of work involved. One of the other factors that determine the fee is how close the assignment is to the deadline. If the results need to be in by the end of the month and the assignment hasn’t been picked up, then your fee can increase massively. I’ve mystery shopped a location in the past that would usually have a £10 fee. It was the last day of the month and they needed someone reliable to carry it out. I was called and agreed a fee of £80. Not bad for a couple of hours work.

It might pay to be available as much as possible at the end of the month, particularly with certain mystery shopping companies. This is one of the advantages of mystery shopping that isn’t always easy to see from the outside. If you want to earn money, then you need to know what the best way to work is. This is a more effective use of your time than doing a mystery shop in a faraway location for a few quid. As you become more experienced then you get to know how to work as effectively as possible.

Advantages Of Mystery Shopping - flexible

Flexible Working

One of the biggest things for people nowadays is the time pressures they are under. And much of this comes from work. Work life takes over everything else at times – unfortunately more times than we’d ideally like. Many employers offer flexible working as something that will help to entice employees. But are they truly flexible? If work needs to be carried out, then it needs to be done. Deadlines and other time pressures change what we look at as flexible.

The sheer number of people who work through their lunch break is testament to how much we have to do in our work day. And flexible often ends up being that you, the employee works longer and harder.

Mystery shopping is truly flexible. You can sign up with a mystery shopping company and do nothing for months or years before coming back to carry out an assignment. They don’t ask you to leave because you are not contributing. It’s juts part and parcel of being a mystery shopper. And that’s why mystery shopping is truly flexible.

You can become a mystery shopper and then pick and choose your assignments. Many of the mystery shopping companies have a system whereby you let them know the days and times of the week that you can carry out mystery shops. If you work on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning then simply untick those boxes and you will find that your list of available assignments adjusts automatically. And you might go on holiday for a couple of weeks. If that’s the case, then first loom for mystery shopping assignments at the airport before clicking off for a while.

Mystery shopping is a self-employed vacancy, meaning that you are in charge of your own time. If you want to work more then sign up to more mystery shopping companies and look for more assignments. If you want to work less, then just work less. It’s one of the reasons that mystery shopping is perfect for mums. People are out there looking for flexible working opportunitie4s. Mystery shopping is a ready-made flexible working opportunity.

Easy To Carry Out

Some ‘work from home’ jobs take skills, practice or experience. Not mystery shopping. We’ve all shopped before. All it takes is a little bit of discretion. Don’t make it obvious that you are a mystery shopper and you’re on the right track. Now there are things you can do if you get spotted as a mystery shopper, but that rarely happens anyway.

Mystery shops are really easy to carry out. In most cases you shop as you normally would and then file a report after. Some mystery shopping companies have great apps where you can even file your report on the app. This means that I’ve filed a report within a few minutes of completing the assignment. It really is that easy!

A mystery shopper needs to do a few things –

  1. Read the notes
  2. Do the shop
  3. File the report

And there isn’t much else apart from this. We’re all shopping all the time anyway, so you might as well get someone else to foot the bill. As a mystery shopper you pick and choose the assignment that suit you. Don’t want to go into a bookmakers and place a bet? That’s absolutely fine. Juts choose a different assignment. Each assignment has its own separate instructions. It always pays to read the notes. But once you’ve carried out a few, you will know the core of what is expected.

And this is another reason why mystery shopping is so easy. You read a few notes and carry out according to those notes. Print off the assignment notes and questionnaire so you can read just before you go in. Then you can’t forget any of the items that need to be conducted.

If you have any questions about the mystery shopping assignment and what it means for you then get in touch with the mystery shopping company. They have a great support team and are there to help you. Pick up the phone or ping off an email and you will get the answers you need. So, if you don’t fin d a certain element of mystery shopping easy, then ask questions. Look through the rest of our website. It is filled with ideas, tips and experience that helps mystery shoppers every day.

Mystery shopping is easy to do. And we all want an ‘easy to do’ way of making some extra cash. Look to mystery shopping.

Advantages Of Mystery Shopping - girl working from home

Work From Home

With all that has been going on in the world recently, working from home has become more and more the norm for people. And we love it! Working from home gives a freedom that the daily commute doesn’t afford us. And one of the biggest advantages of mystery shopping is that you are based at home. Now there are social media mystery shopping assignments that mean you can earn money without leaving your desk, sofa, bed. Now physical mystery shopping assignment have stopped during the COVID19 situation, but there have still been telephone and remote assignments out there. This means that mystery shoppers have still been able to earn some cash.

But even when the world is back to normal, working from home is attractive to many people. I’ve worked from home for over 5 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It means that I can be home for the kids, manage all the home tasks as well as earn money. And it is easier than ever to work from home if you are a mystery shopper. All the preparation and all the filing reports can be done on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Which means you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Working from home is something that people aspire to. Mystery shoppers already have this at their fingertips. The world of working from home is a fun place to be. You get to see more of people, get to manage your time and get to have fun. But managing your time is an essential part of all this. If you don’t get a firm grasp on your time, then you can let things get away from you. It takes a little discipline to be a successful work from home entrepreneur.

Work Online

And this can go hand in hand with working from home. There are online assignments available as a mystery shopper, such as –

And all of these can be done from the comfort of your own home. Now it’s great to be able to work online. So many people are looking to do it. And it really is one of the biggest advantages of mystery shopping. If you’re looking to make money working online, then mystery shopping could be the answer.

It works like this –

You get a mystery shopping assignment. There are plenty out there. Take a look at the mystery shopping companies you are signed up to. If you’re not signed up yet, then Market Force is a great place to start.

Then you can set about your assignment. As with all mystery shops, you will know what to do when you read the notes. They will give you –

  • the dates and times you can carry out the assignment
  • what you have to do (usually ask a question)
  • how you need to report your findings
  • who to talk to if you have any questions

It really is that easy to carry out an online mystery shopping assignment. They make it as easy as possible. Of course, you need to know that the fees for online mystery shops are not as high as physical mystery shopping assignments but you don’t have the same time pressures or need to travel.

Advantages Of Mystery Shopping

Advantages Of Mystery Shopping

There are many advantages to mystery shopping. And the mystery shopper already knows these. If you want to earn decent money working form home while managing your own time, then it could eb the perfect choice for you.

Of course, there are disadvantages to mystery shopping. We’d be naïve to ignore these. But the advantages are plain to see too. If you are looking for some extra cash or dome freebies, then mystery shopping could well b right for you.

In my time as a mystery shopper I’ve had countless free items. I’ve been able to get trainers, clothing, free meals for the family, a day out at Legoland (all expenses paid) and more meals for myself than I care to remember. It has saved me thousands upon thousands of pounds over the last ten years or so.

It gets me through the summer holidays with the kids, providing the money that pays for days out. The bigger mystery shops have paid me well in excess of £100 each. Noe that’s not an everyday mystery shopping assignment but these are regular enough to keep me interested in mystery shopping for the last decade.

Why Mystery Shopping Tips?

Mystery Shopping Tips has been set up to help the mystery shopper. When I started out, I was amazed that these mystery shopping companies wanted me to do all these things but didn’t give me any training. I learned a great deal through trial and error. I got things wrong. I lost money. And I did assignments and didn’t get paid. And I don’t want that for anyone else. So, I started to dveelop these ideas to help people. And this website is now a few years old and filled with information that can hopefully help the mystery shopper to avoid the kind of mistakes I did.

If you’re new to mystery shopping or a seasoned pro, there will be things on there that will help you. Search your chosen topic and read the advice. And if there are things that you feel we should cover but haven’t then please drop us a line. We’re always here to help answer your questions, and it may be of great use to the rest of the mystery shopping community. And if you have ideas that you want to submit then we’re always looking for new contributors to help build the site, help the community and share the love.