January 20, 2020
  • January 20, 2020
How to become a mystery shopper uk

How to Become a Mystery Shopper UK

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There are lots of mystery shopping companies here in the UK. However, choosing one which is reputable can be an entirely different thing altogether. After all, there are lots of scams going around. As long as you exercise a degree of common sense and caution, you should be OK. Here are a selection of our best tips for how to become a mystery shopper UK.

How to become a mystery shopper uk

Top Tips for How to Become a Mystery Shopper UK

  1. Know what is required of a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers have to enter places like supermarkets, banks and restaurants and assess customer service, amongst many other things provided in the assignment. You may even be asked to visit a hotel for the night! However, mystery shopping isn’t all based out there in the real world. Some of it can be done on websites, social media or over the phone. After all, not every employee is stood behind a customer service desk.
  2. It is free and quick to sign up to. Do a bit of research and look at reviews to find the best mystery shopping companies. Or take a look at our many suggestions here. Once you go to their site, simply access the registration form, fill in your details and wait for the assignments to roll in. You will need to agree with the terms and conditions which vary from company to company.
  3. Start applying for assignments. Log into the platform of your choice, then start looking for opportunities. They could either be listed on a map, or as a list. Clicking on a marker will typically display everything you need to know about the assignment, such as the location, and remuneration for your time.
  4. Make use of mobile apps. Many mystery shopper companies now offer apps. They allow you to look for opportunities, fill in your surveys and submit your reports on the go. So if you’re not a fan of sitting at your PC for long periods, or ar a fan of multi-tasking, you’ll love a mystery shopping app.