January 20, 2020
  • January 20, 2020

Mystery Shopper Assignment

by on October 11, 2019 0

Are you new to mystery shopping? You may believe that the only mystery shopper assignments available are in places such as supermarkets. Whilst opportunities to complete these assignments tend to be plentiful, there are also lots of other opportunities out there. Many of which you may have never considered. Surely completing a mystery shop...

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Mystery Shopper A Closer Look

by on October 8, 2019 0

At first glance of ‘A Closer Look’ website, we got a very corporate vibe. The site was very much geared towards the end client rather than mystery shoppers. Despite this, however, the mystery shopper A Closer Look site does shed some light on the types of industries it works with. Which we assume could...

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Mystery Shopper Aldi

by on October 3, 2019 0

Regardless of which town or city you may live in across the UK, you’re sure to be aware of the German discount supermarket Aldi. After all, many towns and cities have at least one, or even up to three branches. Because of its popularity, this retailer is always on the lookout for mystery shoppers....

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