December 6, 2019
  • December 6, 2019

Top 3 Mystery Shopping Companies 2019

by on March 13, 2019 0

Here are the top 3 mystery shopping companies 2019 operating in the UK. 1.       Market Force The kings of the UK mystery shopping scene with good pay, plenty of options and reports that are a breeze. These are the one that I always go first to when I’m looking for a mystery shopping assignment....

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Mystery Shopping Strategy: Change for 2019

by on January 14, 2019 0

It is mystery shop time again tomorrow. I have carried out so few mystery shops in 2018 through a lack of available jobs and other work commitments taking over that it feels like tomorrow will be my return to the arena of mystery shopping. I have looked at a change in mystery shopping strategy...

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Mystery shopping goals – how do you plan?

by on October 29, 2018 0

I keep asking myself how come I think that there’s no mystery shopping jobs available in my area at the moment. My mystery shopping goals are to generate an income from it – what are your mystery shopping goals ? When I actually look through the different websites there are over 100 available. But...

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What is a mystery shopping report ?

by on October 15, 2018 0

I wanted to quickly share with you a slightly different opportunity that comes up now and again for mystery shoppers. There is this opportunity through one of the mystery shop companies at the moment. And this prompted me to give you the lowdown on it. It is more lucrative than a standard mystery shop,...

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