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Find out how a trip to a local shopping mall can be the start of low or no cost Christmas presents

By on July 18, 2017 0 427 Views

It’s a trip to the closest shopping mall to me today to conduct three mystery shops and make a little money (but probably not much today.) Alongside already going shopping here, the mystery shops were probably a secondary reason for coming out. I try to find mystery shops that are available when I’m already going out somewhere to try to break the day up, earn a little money and get a few things that I need or want. With Christmas on the way and two children to buy for as well as a large family, there’s always a reason to mystery shop and there’s always something useful that I can pick up.

The first shop

This is an international clothing retailer and a multi-part assignment. This involves browsing two particular sections and measuring the service, using the fitting rooms and then the speed and service at the till. It’s interesting and shopping for clothes is something I’m quite comfortable with. The fact that you get to browse, talk about clothes, try clothes on and buy clothes at someone else’s expense is appealing to most people and I’m no exception. I also really like mystery shops where you have to use the fitting room. It gives me a chance to check my notes, jot down anything that I want to remember and gather my thoughts. It’s a natural break in proceedings that you wouldn’t ordinarily get.
This shop is known for it’s good service (though not usually at the tills, where the queues are invariably long) and today is no exception.Fee = £2.75
Reimbursement = £15.00
Spend = £15.99
Profit/Loss = +£1.76

The second shop

This is a higher-end sandwich and coffee eat-in establishment. This mystery shop is designed to measure the product availability and till service times during the lunchtime trade. At least two of every sandwich available and how long it takes to get served at the till.
It’s a simple shop for the experienced mystery shopper and a free lunch.
Fee = £4.75
Reimbursement = £5.50
Spend = £10.51
Profit/Loss = -£0.26

The final assignment

The last one today comes under the broad category of beauty, as classifying it any further will probably give away who the client is, and I’m not allowed to do that. This type of mystery shop challenges different skills in the people I am assessing as it’s a simple enquiry about looking for a gift for someone and then it’s up to the staff member to ask probing questions, make a recommendation and conclude the sale. The team member was very good in talking through the potential variables-
  • Budget
  • Who it’s for
  • What they currently use
  • How old they are
  • What they like
  • Gender
This makes the recommendation more personal and gives me as a customer more confidence in the product recommended.Fee = £2.75
Reimbursement = £10.00
Spend = £25.99
Profit/Loss = -£13.24

All in all it was a good days mystery shopping and Christmas presents are stating to accumulate.TOTAL = -£11.74 + clothing and beauty items and lunch for 2

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