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Different types of mystery shopping

Different types of mystery shopping deliver new opportunities for those wanting to boost their income

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Your idea of mystery shopping may be of someone going into a supermarket with a notepad, making notes about customer service, store appearance and pricing. But companies are now using new and innovating ways of gauging customer satisfaction. Simply, there are different types of mystery shopping available. With companies increasingly wanting to see how their customer service is performing, retail businesses are now employing new methods to check this. As a result, this is increasing opportunities within mystery shopping in general. Retail isn’t just about physical shops any more.

Different types of mystery shopping for different industries

Video mystery shopping: Video mystery shopping allows you to see how your staff talk to and behave around customers. By getting someone to pose as a customer, they wear secret cameras, recording your staff and allowing you to evaluate your businesses performance. Particularly, they help to identify training needs. This provides an accurate view of the mystery shop that you can’t always get from a written report.

Report based mystery shopping: This type of monitoring is ideal for a large store. The undercover shopper carries out a certain situation. They then evaluate how well your staff have done by entering the data, usually into a spreadsheet. There is still a place for these mystery shops.

Different types of mystery shopping i file your reports

Retail audit: An individual visits a store and makes notes on things such as pricing, availability and point of sale material. This allows the company to make sure that instructions are implemented in store. In addition, it allows you to correct these mistakes through passing feedback to stores. These are usually carried out by prior arrangement rather than in secret.

Further different types of mystery shopping available

Phone mystery shopping: An individual is given a scenario which they carry out with an agent over the phone. Certain pre-prepared criteria are evaluated such as level of customer service or reliability. The phone call is recorded meaning that the information can be reviewed as many times as necessary. Some businesses only communicate by phone so these calls are essential.

On-line mystery shopping: Just like real stores, it is possible to evaluate how effective on-line customer service is. You may want to know how quickly an agent responds to a query, or the quality of the response. Such feedback allows the business to make changes, and enhance customer experience. This is a newer one to the list of different types of mystery shopping available.

Customer surveys: This is a way to gauge how your customer feels about your products and services and usually takes shape of an on-line questionnaire or brief form. It is used to gather feedback from your customer and this in turn can be reviewed, allowing you to make the service better. A survey holds a lot of information taken at just the right time.

Different types of mystery shopping - surveys

Different types of mystery shopping for you

Mystery shopping no longer involves an individual visiting a physical store, carrying out actions and writing a report. It can take a number of forms, some of which involve high-end technology such as video camera observation. In this post, we have looked at a range of different types of mystery shopping such as video, report based, audits, phone based, on-line and customer surveys. This emergence of new methods means that there are now many more opportunities for mystery shopping. Companies are keener than ever to evaluate the customer experience and make improvements where necessary.

We think that you should be in the best position to make the most of this. Being a mystery shopper isn’t all about walking through the door of a store any more. There are other different types of mystery shopping that can earn you money.

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