May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
Douglas Stafford mystery shopper

Douglas Stafford Global – A review

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Douglas Stafford Global is a mystery shopping, market research and training company. They have a team of highly skilled mystery shoppers located all around the UK. Furthermore, these people have very different profiles. And as such, can take on a variety of assignments. The complexity of the projects they are involved in varies. However, past complex assignments they have been involved in include:

  • Purchasing a high volume product
  • Evaluating a customer journey
  • Conducting a technical project for vehicle servicing
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

What mystery shopping services do Douglas Stafford Global offer?

What do other companies think of Douglas Stafford Global?

“As we are a niche manufacturer, we sometimes struggle to find the ideal commercial partner. Nevertheless, from my first point of contact with Douglas Stafford, I was impressed not only by their high level of professionalism. But also their in-depth understanding of our bespoke products and services. We have now completed our pilot project. And furthermore can say that Douglas Stafford has delivered an outstanding result. While also maintaining a tight timeframe. Our account manager has always been accommodating, providing us with continual updates. Ultimately, we have learned some essential lessons that will hopefully result in substantial future changes.” – Jack Woodgate, UK and international Territory Manager for Caterham Cars.

Douglas Stafford mystery shopping and you

“Video mystery shopping is valuable to us. Because it indicates to potential clients how we build highly successful relationships with them. Which demonstrates our enthusiasm and brand passion. Moreover, we use video to keep an eye on our best performers. And it also provides evidence of where we, as a company can make improvements. We recommend Douglas Stafford. Particularly, the accounts team are approachable. As well as knowledgeable and friendly. And importantly, they give us the tools we need to monitor and train our teams development. Bellway put customer service at the heart of everything we do. And undoubtedly, Douglas Stafford has been critical in determining how effectively we have been delivering this.” – Maria Seed, Group Sales Director for Bellway.


Douglas Stafford Global provide services in mystery shopping, training and market research. Significantly, they boast a highly experienced and versatile team based all over the UK. That is capable of carrying out a range of different tasks. From the uncomplicated to the highly complex. Services offered include report based, telephone, video and web-based mystery shopping.

Jack Woodgate, a UK and international territory manager for Caterham Cars, recommends Douglas Stafford. Because they develop an in-depth understanding of products and services. And are also highly professional and accommodating. And ultimately, deliver strong results. High praise for Douglas Stafford mystery shopping.

Maria Seed, group sales director of Bellway, explains that she would recommend Douglas Stafford. Because their staff are approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. And the tools they have provided have been priceless for working out how well Bellway have been delivering on customer service. Find out more about mystery shopping with the book.