February 26, 2020
  • February 26, 2020

Is Gap Buster mystery shopping right for me?

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As a UK mystery shopper, Gap Buster Worldwide or GBW is one of the first companies that you will come across. They have been going for several years and appear to be one of the more solid and dependable mystery shopping companies. GBW offer a wide range of opportunities for the mystery shopper. They could be a good place to start out as a mystery shopper or to expand into new mystery shopping companies. Gap Buster mystery shopping is something that thousands of people do every week. Here is our guide to mystery shopping with GapBuster Worldwide

Sign-up process with Gap Buster mystery shopping

To start with Gap Buster Worldwide is an easy process. they want to know some basic information about you and then get to know a little more about what you can bring to the table as a mystery shopper. This is a natural thing for any mystery shopping company in the UK.

After the initial sign-up, GBW then have separate orientations for their different clients. This means that you have to learn a lot of information about each client before you are allowed to shop there. Each orientation has a test that you must pass in order to be allowed to conduct a mystery shop with that client. GapBuster Worldwide mystery shopping have quite strict requirements here. If you fail the test 3 time then you cannot shop with that client on their behalf.

The type of assignments that GBW have

Gap Buster Worldwide mystery shopping have ,any different types of assignments. These change in a regular basis. They cover the whole of the UK for some major retailers and hospitality outlets, so you should always be able to find the one that will suit you. These include –

  • Fast food mystery shops
  • DIY store mystery shops
  • Petrol station mystery shops
  • Convenience store mystery shops

Don’t forget that you have to pass an orientation for each client to be able to conduct an assignment with them for GBW mystery shopping.

Sending reports to GapBuster

The report system is a simple, way to get your information back to GapBuster after an assignment. It is an online form that gives you multiple choice questions. It usually inly asks for extra information to be types if there is a problem. Gap Buster mystery shopping have one of the best systems for sending reports around.

Payment schedules for GBW

This is one of the bugbears with Gap Buster mystery shopping that is reported. They pay at the end of the month following the month where you conduct an assignment. So if you carry out a mystery shop on the 1st June, it is the 31st of July when you are paid for this. Of course if you carry one out on the 30th June, you still get paid on 31st July. Waiting up to 8 weeks to be reimbursed for a mystery shop works for some, but not for others. Think about this before you sign up.

Summary – is Gap Buster the right mystery shopping company for me?

This is ideal for the newbie mystery shopper who wants to learn what it is all about. The orientations may feel like a burden at first. But they give you a thorough grounding in what a mystery shopping company is looking for. Once you have got to grips with this, then you can apply your learnings to other mystery shopping companies. Think about the payment schedule though, as for some this is a problem.