May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
Get mystery shops to work for you

Get mystery shops to pay for my main meals!

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Part two of my mission to get mystery shops for my main meal every day for a week was a success. I have been on a mission to get mystery shops to work hard for me this week. For those of you they don’t follow my blog every day I have set myself a challenge. I firmly believe in the power of mystery shopping. The power to earn a little extra money and get your hands on a few freebies. Family life can be tough on the finances so freeing up a little money can help.

For those of you that do follow, you will know that I have promised a small blog entry every day. This is to let you know about the meals I have got from mystery shopping and how my progress is coming along. The next blog will go into some detail about what I have actually got to do in return for these free meals.

One of the best things about mystery shopping to me is a free meal. There are a few around so I decided that I would try to feed myself (and others) for a week solely by mystery shopping. Why not try to get mystery shops to work for you?

Get mystery shops - restaurant meal

 Tuesday – get mystery shops to pay for my meals

Tuesday saw a visit to a national pub chain for one of their theme evenings. It focuses on a type of cuisine and gives you a choice of meals with a drink for a set price. The reimbursement and fee for the job was enough to cover a meal for two with a drink.

It’s great to go out and mystery shop. There are several benefits-

  • Extra income
  • Free food and drink
  • Gifts for others
  • The chance to meet other people

Then it’s good to get warm food some place where someone else is footing the bill. You should try it some time!

If you are interested in mystery shopping then my book is a great place to start. It’s a available on the Amazon kindle store now.