May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
How to Make Money From Home

How to Make Money From Home: Mystery Shopping vs. Drop Shipping

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Wondering how to make money from home? Two options you might have heard of are dropshipping and mystery shopping. So what’s the difference between them?

How to Make Money From Home With Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is where you sign up to a mystery shopper or market research company to complete assignments. 

You visit a location like a clothes store or pharmacy with a pre-prepared brief. When there, you’ll need to make observations and complete tasks while making notes.

Once the assignment is complete, you go home, write and submit your report. On successful submission, you’re then paid a bulk rate for the assignment.

If you have a strong eye for detail, good communication skills and enjoy being out and about, mystery shopping could be just the ticket.

How to Make Money From Home With Drop Shipping

Dropshipping, on the other hand, is totally different. It is essentially a form of online selling. Think along the lines of Amazon or your other favourite online retailer.

You set up a website and list products on there from your chosen wholesaler or drop shipper. Each time a product is sold, you then place an order with them and they ship the item to the customer. You then pay a small fee for the privilege.

The great thing about dropshipping is that it requires virtually no costs to get up and running. You don’t need to order any stock whatsoever, and you control each and every product you want to sell, including it’s marketing across a range of channels.

This is a true work from home opportunity. If you’re interested in retailing and marketing, you could have the potential to build up a successful business. Just be sure that you’re interested in the products you are selling.