May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
I'm A Mystery Shopper

I’m A Mystery Shopper

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There. I’ve said it. I’m a mystery shopper. That means I go to retail stores and hospitality venues to assess the service. I’m paid to shop. I’m paid to buy a meal or grab a coffee. And it feels good!

If you want to be a mystery shopper then you can join me. Being new to mystery shopping will mean you might not know where to start. If that’s the case then I recommend Market Force. They are a good company with decent pay and assignments that are easy to complete.

I’m a mystery shopper and I have been with these guys for nearly a decade. They are a good company to partner. But there are more. And you can sign up with as many as you like.

When you are out mystery shopping, it is wise to act naturally. You don’t want to be spotted as a mystery shopper. That kind of ruins the mystery. Instead, make any notes discretely, ideally on your phone. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

I'm A Mystery Shopper

I’m A Mystery Shopper – How About You?

There are some forums online where mystery shoppers are lambasted. They are seen as underhand. There are also plenty of accusations of lying.

In the modern age where CCTV records pretty much every move we make, the assignment you carry out can be double checked. It often is.

That means your actions can be reviewed. If you follow the instructions you have been given then there is no reason for your work to be questioned.

Being a mystery shopper is all about improving service standards. That’s a good thing for everyone involved. Once you start mystery shopping regularly, you’ll find you love it. This is a great way to make a living. I enjoy every moment of it.

Mystery shopping can give you access to another income stream, free stuff and gets you out of the house. What isn’t there to love? Try it today.