July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Could ypu make money with JKS mystery shopping ?

JKS Mystery Shopping: A review

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Choosing a suitable mystery shopping company can be hard. Particularly because there are so many of these companies out there that are fraudulent. Or just do not deliver on their promises. As such, Mystery Shopping Tips can recommend reputable, trustworthy and validated companies. Significantly, we feel that JKS Mystery Shopping is one of these.

About JKS Mystery Shopping

JKS was established in 1999 and are a leader in their field. We feel that they are a perfect choice. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or have significant experience. JKS can be fully tailored to client needs and budgets. And also work within a range of markets.

JKS prides its self on attention to detail and a 24/7 reporting system. We use thousands of mystery shoppers worldwide. We are the only UK based mystery shopping company that also has its own training academy.

Services offered by JKS Mystery Shopping

JKS mystery shopping

What are companies saying about JKS Mystery Shopping?

“The service we have received, from beginning to end, has always been good. JKS have always met our exact requirements. Right through to final reporting.” – Nestor Healthcare Group plc.

“We always want to make sure that our customers receive the best service possible. We have always had a strong working relationship with them. They help deliver mystery shops on our sites. However, they also carry them out across other types of media”. – Keepmoat Homes.

“Since May 2009, they have provided a mystery shopping service over the phone. Moreover, the level of service provided has always been good. The types of surveys we have used have always been highly bespoke. Which has allowed us to improve the customer service given by our call centre agents. We would recommend using them.” – Jon Carter, Marketing Manager, CPL Industries Ltd.

Why should I use JKS Mystery Shopping?

JKS Mystery Shopping is a trustworthy and validated company. And are market leaders in the mystery shopping field. JKS is recommended for people that have experience in the mystery shopping field. And also people that may need to refresh their knowledge. Which is possible through the training academy run by them. JKS Mystery Shopping can fully tailor their services. Depending on client needs and budget. They offer a range of services. Such as video mystery shopping, customer satisfaction research, auditing and merchandising and reporting. They have very positive reviews on their site. Be sure to check them out today!

Drop us a line if you want to know more about JKS or any of the other mystery shopping companies featured on our site.