May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
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Jobs For Retired People: Is Mystery Shopping The Answer?

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Once we get a little older, we want to wind down a bit and enjoy life. But we all know that stopping completely is associated with a lack of energy – and even worse. With that in mind, you will want to find something that you can dip in and out of rather than stopping altogether or working until you drop. Jobs for over 60s can be few and far between if you look at the traditional routes. Jobs for retired people don’t always come around that often. But working for yourself is something else altogether.

If you are in charge of your own business and your own time, then things are different. Of you have some cash saved up then a holiday or time spent with the grandkids is always appealing. Working for yourself means that you can have this freedom and still bring in some cash while staying active in body and mind. They say that 60 is the new 40 and with advances in medicine as well as the information out there to look after our body better, there is little wonder people are living for longer and longer. This can bring a financial strain. We might look for some extra cash. But what are the kind of jobs over 60s that people can do? Let’s take a look.

Jobs For Retired People: The Options

There are many different kinds of part-time jobs you could do when you are 60+ and the law prevents employers from discriminating against people on age. But if you are looking at working for yourself, then there are some options out there. Here are a few.

Tutoring is a great way to earn dome extra cash. As someone who has lived a little, you will have some life experience that can be shared with others. Perhaps you –

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Speak another language
  • Write poetry

Or any one of the hundreds of things other people would like to learn. If you want to share your knowledge, then this is a great way to do that and earn some cash at the same time.

Consulting is becoming more common in the list of jobs for over 60s because people who have retired still have valuable skillsets that employers desire. Going to a company in the industry you have worked previously will allow you to support and develop them by adding your experience and time. Companies are often looking for support in –

  • Sales
  • HR
  • Strategy
  • Finance

But these are not the only areas that people want support from someone who really knows their stuff. This could well be you.

Jobs For Retired People

Something Different

House Sitting has become a big thing over the last few years. People who spend a great deal of time away from home often want someone to look after things – someone they can trust. There are agencies out there such as Trusted Housesitters that connect people who need the service with those that offer it. The fact that you work with an agency can take away a lot of the nervousness associated with sitting in the home of a stranger.

Dog Walking is big business across the UK and the rest of the world. If you have love for man’s best friend then you can make good money by walking dogs, grooming figs or providing somewhere for them to stay overnight while people are on holiday.

If you really love your canines, then this could be a brilliant way for you to make money in retirement. And it isn’t just dogs – other pets need looking after too! If you want to keep is as easy as possible then register for a dog walking company and they will look after you.

Jobs For Retired People: More Options

Renting your things out is a great way to make some money. As you get older, especially when the kids leave home, you will have a lot of space that you could rent out to others. But if you don’t fancy sharing your home with a stranger then you can look at other things you can rent out, including –

  • Parking spaces
  • Your garage
  • Your garden
  • Tools or equipment

The first three on this list are connected to your living space. People want a garage or parking space if you live near to a city centre, hospital or train station. But someone local to you might not have a parking space at their property and want to find one close by.

The last one is really interesting. People don’t want to pay out for something they will only use once or twice. There are sites out there where you can lend your stuff for a small fee.

Running your own business isn’t something that can only be done by those under the age of 60. As far as jobs for retired people go, this is more popular than ever. The startup focus has been on the young for some time, but the over 50’s are taking up self-employment at quite a rate now. If you have a business before you are 60 then there is no reason to let go as you reach this age.

Jobs over 60's

So, What about Mystery Shopping As Jobs For Over 60’s

And one of the ways that you can make money as an over 60 is to mystery shop. Being a mystery shopper is quite simple and it can be a great way to have a flexible work pattern and regular income. If you want to know more then you are in the right place.

Mystery shopping is the act of checking out the service of a retail or hospitality venue and reporting back what you find. The reports are easy to complete, usually being a simple yes/no click for the vast majority of questions. There may be some extra information in answers to input, but these are minimal. I usually complete a report in a matter of 5 minutes after completing a mystery shop.

You see, companies spend a lot of money on hiring and training team members to carry out certain tasks. These are the core responsibilities of their job. And then they expect these tasks to be completed with every customer. Think about every time you go to the checkout at Tesco. They always ask you if you have your Clubcard. This is just part of their job and helps the company to grow and succeed.

In every shop there are similar things. And mystery shoppers help gather the information on whether people are following their training. Each store in a company will have a manager and a team. They want to provide the very best customer service to you they possibly can. The feedback gained from mystery shoppers is a great way to make that happen.

Jobs For Retired People: Getting Started As a Mystery Shopper

The first step is to make an application to a mystery shopping company. This isn’t like any other job application. There aren’t a limited number of places available. Mystery shopping companies are always looking for new people to help them provide their service. In some parts of the country (often the more rural ones) they are looking for a large number of people.

An application takes a few minutes as they only want to know a small amount of information about you. They don’t need a CV, just the following –

  • Your details so they can confirm who you are
  • Your bank details so they can pay you
  • Some ask what skills you bring

And that’s it.

In terms of the skills, they are looking for people who –

  • Are good timekeepers
  • Can be objective
  • Have free time
  • Like shopping
  • Like eating out
  • Have a good attention to detail

If you are any of these then there is a good chance that you will be a great fit as a mystery shopper. Now all we need to do is to get you up and running with a mystery shopping company. There are plenty of them out there.

Now for a serious note. We don’t want you to end up losing money with this. Unfortunately, there have been known to be some mystery shopping scams. These seem to promise the earth and deliver nothing but pain. They are quite easy to spot, so use our guide to ensure you don’t come a cropper here. Simply, a legitimate mystery shopping company won’t ever ask for money from you upfront. If you remember that then you are on the right track.

One of the top mystery shopping companies in the UK and the rest of the world is Market Force. They are established, legitimate and always seem to have a large number of assignments to choose from. Let’s take a look in more detail at who they are and what they have to offer.

Jobs For Retired People

Jobs For Over 60’s: Market Force Mystery Shopping

One of the companies that offer mystery shopping in the United Kingdom and beyond is Market Force. Market Force have been around for some time now, building a solid reputation as a quality mystery shopping provider in the UK, with offices across much of the rest of the world too.

They have been around for a number of years now and seem to consistently offer a good number of decent quality assignments. They cover the country pretty well. This means it’s ideal for you whether you reside in Reading or Rochdale, live in Liverpool or Leicester.

If you are new to mystery shopping, then you want a provider that will look after you. Market Force have loads of support. The assignment notes are clear and concise. The reports are easy to complete. The support is there at the end of an email or the phone. This makes it as easy as possible for the mystery shopper to just get in.

And the sign-up process is simple too. All you have to do us input some basic details and you’re good to go. A word of caution. You can only do 2 assignments in your first month. This is to make sure you know what you’re doing. They’d rather restrict you and help you than find you’ve not quite grasped it after completing 20 assignments for them. But that month soon passes. And then you’re on the right track.

So, think Market Force when you are looking to start out mystery shopping. They could be the one for you! Sign up here.

Mystery Shopping Jobs For Retired People: The Sign-Up Process

As with Market Force, it is easy to sign up for a mystery shopping company. And there are loads of them out there. Mystery shopping is big business – so many of the High Street names that you see day in, day out have a mystery shopping programme.

And you don’t have to stay with just one company. I am signed up with around 20 mystery shopping companies. Some have a great selection every week (such as Market Force above) while others have the odd quality job every now and again. If I want to make the most from mystery shopping and carry out a few assignments a week then I find it best to sign up for a handful of companies. The only things you have to be aware of is –

  • You will get a few emails a week letting you know the available assignments (as per any data protection policy, you can opt out of these.)
  • You will need to learn a few different systems

Having said this, many mystery shopper companies use the Sassie system, so you can actually sign up for a handful of companies and still only need to know one system. Handy, eh?

Jobs over 60's

Mystery Shopping Jobs Over 60’s: The Assignment

All of what you have done this far leads you to the assignment. The thing that you actually get paid for. And it is so much easier than you might think. A mystery shopping task isn’t much different to a shopping task. You just need to remember a few things. And that’s where it can come in tricky. I’m in my mid-forties and I don’t have the same level of recall as when I was in my 30’s. And I can’t see it getting any better.

That’s why I use a few techniques that help me remember –

  • My mobile phone is great for pretending that I’m sending a text while I’m making a note of the description of the person who is serving me. Now you can’t let your phone distract you to the point where you don’t monitor the service you are getting, but you can make notes as you go.
  • There are often supermarket mystery shopping assignments where you can walk around with a piece of paper that looks like a shopping list. That’s an easy one as we look at jobs for the over 60’s.
  • Clothing store mystery shop assignments will often necessitate you going into a changing room. Of course, this means that you can stop for a few moments, check your notes and jot down anything you need to remember.
  • As soon as you have finished an assignment, complete the report. For some mystery shopping sites you can do this on an app. Others you might have to print and complete the report with pen and paper before transcribing this when you get home.

There are some easy ways of jogging the memory. I sue all of the above to help ensure that I don’t miss a thing.

Mystery Shopping Jobs For Retired People: Support

When working in a new job (or doing anything else new for that matter) one of the things you look for is training and support. Now, this isn’t something that the mystery shopping companies excel at, if I’m honest. There are a couple of companies that have decent training. GBW is one that immediately springs to mind. They have training videos, exercises and test that help you understand what they are looking for. Maybe a good one to start with.

But Mystery Shopping Tips is filled with ideas and advice. You can find out what to do if you get spotted as a mystery shopper or a whole host of other issues. And there are reviews of the top mystery shopping companies in the UK. We are here to give the support to mystery shoppers that is lacking. If you have any questions that are not covered on the site then drop us a line and we’ll help you to understand what is going on.

That’s what we were set up for – to help the mystery shopper get the most from what is going on. There is good money to be made mystery shopping and it can be one of the ideal jobs for retired people. But that’s no good if you feel stranded. Join us and feel part of the community.

Jobs For Retired People

Jobs Over 60’s: Making Money

Let’s be clear before we wrap this up. There aren’t millions to be made from mystery shopping. But you can earn some good money and get your hands on some free things by becoming a mystery shopper. If you carry out a few assignments per week then you can make some good money, lighten the load a little.

A typical mystery shopping assignment might pay £10 towards the cost of your purchase and maybe another £5 on top of that for your time and travel. And that doesn’t sound like much. But a handful of free £10 meals per week could help to save that money for something else.

Making money can happen in a number of ways. And mystery shopping could be one that supplements your income rather than provide a full income. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In retirement you want to take it easy at times, rather than have to go out there and work every day.

Jobs For Retired People: Conclusion

A job for someone who has retired needs to me a few things. Flexibility is probably high on the list of requirements. You have other things to do, maybe looking after the grandkids, going on holiday or days where you just don’t want to be out and about. And this is when working for yourself is perfect. Where else can you take as much time off as you want?

And then there’s the physical side of things. It’s not as easy to lift and carry as it was a few years ago. You might not be able to work at the same pace as someone in their 20’s. Just the same as they won’t have the same skills you’ve built up over the decades. So, a job where you can work at your own pace is desirable.

Mystery shopping is ideal for retired people for both of these reasons and more. You set your own pace, work when you want and get paid just the same as anyone else. It’s true, you won’t become a millionaire by mystery shopping. There’s just not that much money in it. But it can lighten the load. Free coffees, meals, clothes or gifts always help. And you get the in exchange for a little bit of your time.

If you have any questions at all about mystery shopping, then please drop us a line. We’re always here to answer any questions. It’s our mission to get as many people out there and mystery shopping as possible.