July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
M&S Mystery Shopper

Ever Fancied Being an M&S Mystery Shopper?

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M&S, the brand which is as British as a red telephone box or double-decker bus, was using a mystery shopping scheme to work out how good it’s customer service was in all of its stores, otherwise known as ‘M&S Mystery Shopper’.

Things quickly changed in April 2016 when a new CEO was appointed. They quickly realised that their traditional approach through using M&S mystery shopper wasn’t necessarily representing customer thoughts day-to-day.

Hence a new method being brought in: a ‘point of purchase’ survey where customers would complete a survey from a link printed on their receipt. Customers were actively encouraged to complete these by the sales associate, who would explain the incentives on offer like discount or prizes.

M&S Mystery Shopper

Questions You Answer During an M&S Mystery Shopper Survey

Once you’ve passed through the checkout and completed your purchases, there will be a URL printed on your receipt from where you can access the M&S mystery shopper survey

You’ll be asked to rate the following on a scale of one to five in the range of strongly disagree to agree strongly.


  • Did staff acknowledge you?
  • Do staff care about you as a customer?
  • Have staff gone above and beyond to help you?
  • Are there enough staff on the shop floor to help?
  • Staff knowledgeable about products and services?
  • Are the staff friendly and helpful?


  • Is the store uncluttered and spacious?
  • Are the window displays enticing and inspiring?

Tills and Payment

  • Is the self-service till easy to use?
  • Has your experience of the store been enhanced through using the self-service till?
  • Do the self-service tills make the store experience quicker?

For more insight into what might be involved in an M&S mystery shopper, take a look at this video.