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Make Money From Home Ideas

Make Money From Home Ideas. Could Upwork Be The Answer?

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We’ve already discussed various ‘make money from home ideas’ you can get started with right away. If you enjoy selling products or retailing, you’ll love e-commerce, dropshipping, eBay or sales funnel building. If you’re a fan of public speaking, writing or advertising, podcasting, webinars, content writing or Google AdSense may be more your thing. To make a quick buck, you might want to consider Swagbucks, Qmee, OhMyDosh or paid surveys. There are also things like virtual assistants, online tutoring and social media management to consider, or even matched betting, online trading or renting your home! Our personal favourite is mystery shopping, however, we’re also a fan of freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork

Make Money From Home

Upwork is One of the Most Effective Make Money From Home Ideas

Investing some time into creating a ‘stand out’ profile on Upwork can really help you get a steady stream of income every month. In fact, we think it’s one of the most effective ‘ways to make money from home’ methods out there. So what kind of things can you advertise there? Here’s a complete list of possible gigs:

  1. Accounting & Consulting. Includes HR, financial planning and management consulting.
  2. Admin Support. Think along the lines of data entry, project management, online research, virtual assistants and transcription.
  3. Customer Service. Which also includes technical support.
  4. Data Science & Analytics. Includes A/B testing, data mining and management, machine learning, data extraction and visualisation, and quantitative analysis.
  5. Design & Creative. A large category containing gigs relating to animation, graphic design and photography amongst many others.
  6. Engineering & Architecture. Another substantial category covering things like 3D modelling, interior design and architecture.
  7. IT & Networking. Database admin, information security, CRM software, networking and system admin.
  8. Legal. Covers many aspects of the law such as contract, criminal and family law.
  9. Sales & Marketing. Another large category covering (amongst others) display advertising, SEM and email marketing.
  10. Translation. Gigs in translation areas like technical, medical and general translation.
  11. Web, Mobile & Software Dev. Things like web development, e-commerce development, web and mobile design.
  12. Writing. Includes copywriting, academic writing and creative writing amongst many other categories.

Have Experience in One or More of the Above?

Get registered on Upwork today, wait for your approval and start filling in your profile to begin your successful freelance career today!

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