July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
make money from home now

Make Money from Home Now Using Fiverr

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Times are difficult at the moment. You may have been furloughed at home or temporarily laid off. Perhaps you have been unlucky enough to even lose your job. If this sounds uncomfortably familiar, you’re probably looking for ways to make money. Have you considered Freelancing?

There are lots of platforms you can register with. Upwork is probably the biggest player. Fiverr is another major one. Here’s what is on offer there.

make money from home now

Make Money From Home Now Using Fiverr

Here’s a quick overview of the types of gigs you could offer on Fiverr. There are loads of others available. So head over there, and see what services you could offer.

  • Programming & Tech. WordPress web design, games development and web builders.
  • Graphic design. Logos, brand style guidelines, business cards or illustration.
  • Digital marketing. Social media, SEO or content marketing.
  • Writing & translation. Articles and blogging, proofreading and editing, web content.
  • Video & animation. Video editing, logo animation and lyric or music videos.
  • Music & audio. Voice overs, online music lessons and jingles/intros.
  • Business. Virtual assistant, data entry and market research.

Nothing Suitable? Seeking Other Ways to Make Money From Home Now?

Mystery shopping is another popular way of making money from home. You’re your own boss, can choose your own assignments and earn what you want. Why not search for mystery shopping companies today, register and start applying?