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What You Need to Know About the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association

By on September 12, 2019 0 886 Views

We don’t deny that mystery shopping can have loads of benefits. However, it can be an industry rife with scams too. You may indeed know one or two which have been going around. One current well-known scam is for the German discount supermarket, Aldi. The Website UK Mystery Shopper came into controversy when it was offering £100 shopping vouchers to customers once they had filled in and submitted their details. Aldi later confirmed this as being false. This got us thinking, if heating engineers have to be gas safe to install boilers or chefs need to be qualified in food hygiene to serve safe food, is there a governing body for mystery shopping? The answer is yes. It is called the mystery shoppers providers association. 


The mission of the mystery shopping professionals association (or MSPA) is simple: to make the mystery shopping industry better for everyone. There are various other objectives of this membership-based organisation, such as providing an education service to shoppers, retailers and providers, PR representation and promotion. However, the most poignant to us is the promise of ‘professional standards’. In layman’s terms, this means that when looking for mystery shopping opportunities yourself, if you see something advertised that has an MSPA accreditation, you know it is genuine.


For many of us, mystery shopping is an ideal way to earn an extra stream of income. However, because few of us are experienced in mystery shopping, it can be difficult to work out actual legitimate opportunities. Thankfully, the mystery shopping industry has its own association, the MSPA. Amongst other objectives, it promises ‘professional standards’. This means that when an advert mentions MSPA, you know it will definitely not be a scam.