July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Mystery Shopper Bio

My Mystery Shopper Bio

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I was sat around the other day thinking about what makes a great mystery shopper. As I jotted down a few notes, I thought that a mystery shopper bio would help others to clarify what they could become.

This mystery shopper bio comes in two parts –

  1. The work I have already carried out
  2. The skills I have

Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Mystery Shopper Bio

Mystery Shopper Bio: Work History

Again, this breaks down into 2 parts. I have worked for a long time in retail, from school days right through to more frequently. It’s in the blood! This part of my CV includes –

  • Delivering newspapers for a local shop
  • Collecting trolley in a supermarket
  • Being a shelf stacker at night while at college and uni
  • An assistant manager role in a discount supermarket
  • Managing large supermarkets, retail stores and petrol stations
  • Managing the largest petrol station in Europe
  • Working in large chain stores training staff and managing promotions
  • Christmas temping with many retailers

Overall, I have a massive experience in retail. I believe that this helped me on the road to becoming a successful mystery shopper. It’s part of my mystery shopper bio that companies are interested in. Many mystery shopping companies, like Market Force for instance, will ask you these questions when you apply.

In terms of mystery shopping, I have been doing this for around 8 years now. In this time, I’ve developed my skills and experience. Knowledge is power with most things in life. Mystery shopping is no different.

I’ve had assignments rejected because I didn’t follow the guidelines properly. I’ve signed up with mystery shopping companies that are no longer in existence. It is by making loads of mistakes that I can help you. My mystery shopper bio in the early days was a bit of a mess. Learn from my mistakes! Here’s what you need to know.

Mystery Shopper Bio

Mystery Shopper Bio: Skills

There are certain skills you need when becoming a mystery shopper. Nobody tells you this at the start. You sign up, and they just expect you to be able to ‘get it.’

Here’s what I’ve learned…

You MUST read the notes. If you don’t know what to do, where to do it and what time to do it then you’re screwed. You won’t get paid. You’ll be out of pocket. The notes are there to guide you. Read them. read again. Then read once more.

If in doubt, pick up the phone. The mystery shopping company might appear distant. But they are there to help. If you don’t understand then ask. They WILL help.

Take your time. I used to rush through a mystery shop, hoping I’d remember everything in one go. The brain doesn’t always work like that. Carry notes if you have to. But, be really discrete if you do. Toilets, changing rooms and quiet corners are the place to view notes.

Be objective. No matter what you think of a product, brand or shop, park that. The mystery shopping company wants to know about that specific experience. Not the time ten year sago when you had a bad experience. This should be the number one thing on your mystery shopper bio.

If you carry these basic skills with you, then you can’t go far wrong.