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The top 4 ways to help you remember your mystery shop feedback

The top 4 ways to help you remember your mystery shop feedback

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Mystery shopping can be a great way to earn a little extra money and get your hands on free meals, clothes, drinks and more. The companies that carry out mystery shopping are paying you to do the mystery shop in return for feedback on how their teams are performing. There can be a lot to remember and you can’t stand in the middle of the shop and take notes – that would be a real giveaway! But thankfully there are different ways to remember the information needed and deliver a quality report for the mystery shopping company without being rumbled. Here is our guide to the top 4 ways to help you remember your mystery shop feedback –

4 – Remember the tricky bits for your mystery shop feedback

You will be required to gather a lot of information when it comes to a mystery shopping assignment. The fact is that some bits will stick and others just won’t. When you come to filling out the report you will remember the answers to question such as –

“Was the shop clean and tidy?”

But might not remember things like-

“How long did you have to wait in the queue?”

So it can help to jot down the details that will require a bit more of your memory so you are sure you don’t miss them. The more mystery shops you so in a day then the more of these tricky little details you will have to remember. You can use this tip in conjunction with the ones below to make sure you get the most from your mystery shopping experience.

mystery shop feedback - the tricky bits

3 – Changing rooms are perfect

When you need a little time out to make some notes then retiring to a changing room really works. It gives you the chance to take a look at your notes, consider of you have missed anything and write down the important parts. It allows you to step out for a minute or two and get everything down. Using the toilet is another way of giving yourself a chance to check if you have got all the details you need to be able to file a complete report for your client. Mystery shopping is an important part of how they measure and reward their staff so you need to be accurate and objective. This means your mystery shop feedback is relevant.

2 – Send a text with your mystery shop feedback !

Texting has become a natural part of modern life so you can send information by text to someone else while mystery shopping and not arouse suspicion. If you need to remember a full description of the person who served you then you can easily send these details in a small text so you can pick them up later and fill them out in the report. It is an easy way to collect a few bits of information but can give you away if you spend your whole time on the phone. Also check out the rules as some mystery shopping companies won’ allow you to use your phone while shopping for them. A text is a great way for your mystery shop feedback to be recorded.

mystery shop feedback - send a text

1 – Write your report as soon as you leave

As you walk out of the door from a mystery shop the information will be really fresh in your mind and this is the ideal time to get it all down. Find a comfortable place out of sight of the location and fill out the report on your paper copy there and then so you don’t miss any information. It is the best way to remember your mystery shop feedback every time. This also gives you the chance to pop back in discreetly and check any information you are missing such as whether the waitress wore glasses or whether they were displaying a certain sign at the till. You need to deliver accurate information to the mystery shopping company so they can get an accurate picture of what is going on. These tips will help you to do that.

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