November 12, 2019
  • November 12, 2019
Mystery shopping challenge day 5 - Friday!

Mystery shopping challenge day 5 – Friday!

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My regular readers will know that I am on a mission to have my main meal paid for by mystery shopping company every day for a week. I am doing this to highlight the great things that mystery shopping can bring you.

Today was a lunchtime meal for my mystery shop. One person at a time is the rule for many restaurant mystery shops. It can be difficult to feed multiple people without supplementing it with a little of your own money. Today was different.

Chain pub fish and chips for two!

The mystery shopping assignment itself is always a straightforward one for this client. They are very efficient at what they do and serve thousands of customers up and down the country every day. I like to do this mystery shop and there are a few of these pubs within a twenty mile radius of my home so they come up quite often.

This one saw a change in some of the requirements against what is usually asked do. This is a good time to remind all you budding mystery shoppers to read the notes thoroughly before every visit. Sometimes you visit the same client so often that you know the visit like the back of your hand. But if the assignment notes change and you’ve missed it then you are high and dry – you won’t get paid for the mystery shop.

Mystery shopping challenge day 5 - Friday!

What did Friday bring? Or is it FryDay?

Many different things can change, such as-

  • The visit times that you shop in
  • The required purchases
  • How long you need to be in the establishment
  • Any questions you might have to ask

It is always best practice to check all of this out before going on your mystery shop. If you are discrete then you may be able to check and confirm these details on your smartphone while you are here. However make sure that you do not give yourself away as a mystery shopper.

Always be prepared for what you have to do and you can become a successful mystery shopper. My guide to mystery shopping is available now on the Amazon kindle store. Check it out.