May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
Mystery Shopper 16 Year Old

Mystery Shopper 16 Year Old

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There are many reasons why a company might want a mystery shopper. Some might be looking to improve their customer service or embed a new process. But one of the most important reasons they might is to make sure they are legally compliant. This might be where a mystery shopper 16 year old comes in.

Over the years, the penalties for selling alcohol to people under age have multiplied. It can now costs a retailer or a pub a whole lot of money if they fall foul of the law. There are mystery shopper 16 year olds that help monitor that the law is being followed. And it works like this –

  • The mystery shopper 16 year old is accompanied to a place that sells alcohol
  • They attempt to make a purchase
  • Their findings are monitored

All in all, this helps keep those on the right side of the law protected. And it keeps those on the wrong side of the law monitored or closed down.

Mystery Shopper 16 Year Old

Be A Mystery Shopper 16 Year Old

They are looking for people of this age to help monitor what is going on. Being a teenager has plenty of challenges as it is. Alcohol is another you want to stay away from at that age.

Becoming a mystery shopper as a 16 year old can earn you some cash at the same time as helping out others. And it will look good on your CV too. As you get older and look to university or a job then you want to have a varied background to talk about. This could be one of those things.

It doesn’t take up a massive amount of your time and earns cash. In addition, it could be a pathway to becoming a mystery shopper when you are older. Most mystery shopping companies are looking for people to be at least 17, as driving is often involved.

Mystery shopping as a student is a good way to supplement your university lifestyle. Check out our full guide on student jobs to see if mystery shopping is the answer.