April 1, 2020
  • April 1, 2020
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Mystery Shopper 2019: What Has Changed

By on June 25, 2019 0 487 Views

As we stride confidently into the middle of 2019, it is time to take a look at the major changes in mystery shopping this year. The mystery shopper 2019 has had to adapt their style and make some subtle but important changes. Here is our guide to mystery shopper 2019: what has changed –

The Importance Of Images

Whereas we might have had to upload a single image or sometimes two in the past, 2019 has seen an increase in the number of quality images needed. If you have carried out a mystery shop in 20019 in a pub chain then you will have noticed the need to take images of –

  • The front of the location
  • Your drink or drinks
  • Your meal
  • The receipt

This gives more evidence to the company at the end of the day. If they have pictorial evidence, they can SEE what has happened. This adds to being told what happened.

Mystery shopper 2019 and the importance of photos

Better Questions

Regular readers will know I’ve been talking about quality questions for years. The mystery shopper 2019 is seeing this play out. Rather than ask questions like these –

  • Was the location clean and tidy?
  • Were you made to feel welcome?
  • Was the service friendly?

We’ve moved as mystery shoppers in 2019 to answering questions like these –

  • Were there more than ten pieces of litter on the floor of the supermarket as you walked around?
  • Were you greeted within ten seconds of walking in the premises?
  • Did the team member make eye contact and offer you a verbal greeting?

As you can see from the second list, these are measurable. They offer quality answers and something to work on. The first set of questions are far more subjective. I suspect that my idea of ‘clean and tidy’ varies to that of others.

The mystery shopper in 2019 has to ask better questions

Fewer Assignments

There does feel like a trend towards far fewer assignments being available. This could be because of a couple of factors –

  1. Companies cutting back on spending on mystery shopper programmes
  2. More mystery shoppers so there are fewer to go around

I suspect that there is a little bit of both going on.

The bad news here is there are less assignments to go around for the mystery shopper in 2019.

The good news at the same time is that fees appear to be rising at least a little.

Mystery Shopper 2019

The mystery shopper this year needs to think a little differently. It’s not a massive change, but a change nonetheless. If you are looking to become a mystery shopper in 2019 then Market Force might be the answer for you. They have good assignments and pat well. Check them out.