March 29, 2020
  • March 29, 2020
mystery shopper a closer look

Mystery Shopper A Closer Look

By on October 8, 2019 0 412 Views

At first glance of ‘A Closer Look’ website, we got a very corporate vibe. The site was very much geared towards the end client rather than mystery shoppers. Despite this, however, the mystery shopper A Closer Look site does shed some light on the types of industries it works with. Which we assume could match the types of opportunities out there for mystery shoppers. Just some of the industries mentioned were retail, banking, restaurants, and hotels, amongst many others. This is refreshing to us, as many mystery shopping sites only offer opportunities in retail.


A page that was also insightful regarding mystery shopping opportunities was the ‘Opportunities’ page. Which was advertising for mystery shopping schedulers and editors when we had a look at it. We can only assume that for the company to be recruiting these types of positions, it must be servicing a reasonable amount of clients. Therefore, we assume that there could be some lucrative opportunities out there for budding mystery shoppers.


We entered our email address and had an email pinged into our inbox virtually straight away with instructions on how to proceed. This was pretty standard, with a link to a form. There were, however, a couple of notable features. This mystery shopper company actually asks you what type of opportunities you’d be interested in. Which we think is a nice touch. MSPA accreditation was also proudly on display which we were impressed by. The final parts of the application involve submitting a couple of paragraphs about a recent restaurant visit. A qualifying questionnaire then needs completing. If you think mystery shopper A Closer Look could be a good fit for you, why not kick start your application with them today?

mystery shopper a closer look