May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
Woman wearing jumper filling in mystery shopper application

How do I Complete a Mystery Shopper Application?

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If you are looking to top up your income, and love shopping, a mystery shopper application can be a gateway to a whole new stream of income. Although the process of completing applications can be in-depth, it’s usually uncomplicated, typically taking no longer than two hours. The steps most commonly involved include:

Gathering documentation. Before you actually go ahead and apply for mystery shopping jobs, it is worth spending some time getting together all the documents you might need during the process. Although information such as national insurance numbers are commonly requested, be aware not to give out bank details. No legitimate mystery shopping site will ask for this and if it does, it’s probably a scam.

Filling in a form. Although it may take some time to apply to a mystery shopping site, it can be worth it long term because of the potentially large amount of opportunities in your local area. Basic details such as your name, contact details, age, background, and education are commonly needed. You may also need to provide proof of ID to show you’re a UK resident. 

Applying for jobs. Upon successful submission, you will receive a unique ID. This is when you can start the process of looking at mystery shopping opportunities in your local area. Typically, mystery shopping sites display this data on a map. Dates of when assignments can be completed are then displayed on-screen.

Locations on a map

Preparation. The Secret to Easier Mystery Shopper Applications

As you can see, applying to mystery shopping websites isn’t complicated. Having all the documents and details to hand can make the process even easier. So, if you’re looking for extra cash or product incentives and have some time to spare, why not check out local mystery shopper opportunities in your local area?