July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020

Mystery Shopper Assignment

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Are you new to mystery shopping? You may believe that the only mystery shopper assignments available are in places such as supermarkets. Whilst opportunities to complete these assignments tend to be plentiful, there are also lots of other opportunities out there. Many of which you may have never considered. Surely completing a mystery shop in a hospital, church, or hotel isn’t a ‘thing’? Well actually… it is! Here is a list of some of the most common (and not so common) mystery shopping assignments out there.


Shops. Checking customer service, product availability and store appearance. One of the most common forms of mystery shopper assignment out there.

Cinemas. Evaluating the pricing in food sales areas. Checking cleanliness in auditoriums and toilets.

Hotels. Making sure the check-in process is easy. Seeing how efficient room service operates.

Restaurants. Working out how long it takes to get a table. Seeing if the food is of good quality.

Fast food chains. Monitoring how long it takes to go through the drive-through. Seeing if the assistant asked you to fill in the free customer service survey.

Banks. Noting how long it took to wait in the queue. Eyeing up service on the self-service paying in machines.

Petrol stations. Making sure the assistant made add-on confectionery sales. Seeing how the assistant reacts when you announce your tyre is flat.

Mystery Shopper Assignment

Car dealerships. Monitoring whether the salesperson approached you. Seeing whether they explained finance options in enough detail.

Apartments. Checking whether the salesperson attempted to book a viewing for you. Making sure they offered sufficient information on mortgages. Click here to learn more.

Health clubs. Asking the assistants about using a machine. Keeping an eye on whether you were offered a protein shake upon leaving.

Health care facilities. Seeing how often a doctor or nurse checked up on you. Rating how acceptable the food was.

Housing associations. Noting how well a receptionist was able to solve a problem about a property.

Churches. Keeping an eye on how clearly the vicar was able to deliver the sermon. Monitoring the church temperature. Learn more here.