January 25, 2020
  • January 25, 2020
Mystery Shopper Certification

Mystery Shopper Certification

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If you want to get ahead in the mystery shopping industry, take on more assignments, and give yourself the edge, completing the mystery shopper certification with MSPA could be a good option.


Why is it needed? Surveys amongst mystery shoppers over a number of years have indicated that they have felt ignored within the industry. Partly because there have been few formal qualifications regarding mystery shopping. The Mystery Shopper Certification aims to change this. Allowing mystery shoppers to develop personally and professionally within the industry.

How can it help? Although it doesn’t guarantee more work for mystery shoppers, it can give you the edge with your applications, making you stand out against the competition.

Who is it for? Anybody can complete the qualification but it is particularly useful for those who are new to mystery shopping and want to widen their prospects within the industry.

How long to complete? Once you have successfully passed the qualification, it is valid for one year. You will then need to re-sit and pass the test to requalify.

Mystery Shopper Certification

Does the test change? Yes, it changes frequently so that the questions remain up to date and relevant, and to also make sure the test isn’t too easy to pass. 

Is it well known in the industry? All members of the MSPA are aware of the qualification and MSPA members are briefed to inform their staff. However, not all mystery shopping companies are members of the MSPA, so many probably don’t know about it.

What if I fail the test? Don’t worry! You can try again in 30 days. However, you will still need to pay the fee to re-sit the test.

How will companies know i’m certified? You’ll need to call them to let them know. Also, many mystery shopping companies will allow you to add this information to your online profile.