April 1, 2020
  • April 1, 2020

Mystery Shopper Duties: What Are They?

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If you are thinking about becoming a mystery shopper, then you will want to know what your duties are. Mystery shopper duties can vary slightly from company to company, but there are some standards that you will find across the board. Looking at mystery shopping as a way of making cash and getting the odd free lunch (yes, they DO exist) is a case of following the rules. Here is our guide to mystery shopper duties and what they mean to you.

Mystery Shopper Duties: Attendance And Timekeeping

The first of the mystery shopper duties you should consider is turning up when and where you said you would. It looks and feels like a pretty basic thing to do. But mystery shopping will throw up so many different variations here. You will be shopping in places you’ve never visited before. And there are often some pretty strict time demands on certain assignments.

Think about a food outlet that has a different offering at breakfast time to what is served at the rest of the day. They need to have both of their food offerings mystery shopped to see if they fit the standards expected. As a mystery shopper, you need to turn up at the proper times.

Mystery Shopper Duties: Attendance And Timekeeping

Mystery Shopper Duties: Be Objective

This is a key one on the list of mystery shopper duties. If you walk into a shop with preconceived ideas about what will happen, then you are not giving people the opportunity to be measured objectively. You should only judge on what you have seen on that mystery shopping assignment on that day. This is one of the reasons that mystery shopping companies ask you –

  • not to take an assignment where you know someone
  • not to take an assignment where you have previously worked

They want to know what happened – and how that made you feel. They don’t want to know how that place made you feel in the past. This is one of the duties of a mystery shopper that is really important. Please don’t overlook it.

Mystery Shopper Duties: Be Objective - hit the mark

Mystery Shopper Duties: Prepare

Back on the more physical mystery shopper duties rather than the behaviours now. Preparation is the absolute key to have the best mystery shopping experience possible. There are a few things to get right before you can set foot in the venue you are shopping.

Knowing when and where you are going is the first step on the road. We’ve looked at that above. It is so important that we’ve mentioned it again here. If there is any confusion, then get in touch with your mystery shopper company. They will know the answers to your questions – or work to get them. The assignment notes may be unclear, or you might just be unsure about something. Just pick up the phone and they’ll help you. That’s what they are there for!

Knowing the elements of the mystery shopping assignment that are essential will stop you having a failed assignment. A failed assignment usually means you don’t get paid. We all want to avoid that. I suggest tat you print out the job notes and questionnaire. Read these a few times, highlighting any of the elements that you can see are absolutely vital to remember.

What Does This Mean?

Let me explain. It might ask what the cleanliness of the shop was. This is something you will automatically remember. It might also ask you to describe the person who served you, collecting the following attributes –

  • Name
  • Height
  • Hair colour
  • Hair length
  • Eye colour
  • What they were wearing
  • If they had tattoos or piercings

Remembering all of this might take a little more effort. This is one of the questions you need to highlight. And I would also suggest it is one of the questions you should answer as soon as you leave the place- while it is fresh in your memory.

Mystery Shopper Duties: Prepare like a chef

Mystery Shopper Duties: The Actual Shop

This is what it is all about. Conducting the mystery shop is what you are here for! As one of the most obvious mystery shopper duties, the assignment will take you into a shop, café or somewhere else. You need to buy certain items, potentially ask certain questions and then leave.

No mystery shopper assignments are so difficult that they need an expert. All you need to do is act like a normal shopper. It is something we have been doing all of our lives. So, you should get in there and carry out an assignment. It is the only way you will find out how to become a mystery shopper for real. Some of these assignments are plain shops, others might need a Mini Spy Cameraas you have to record what is happening. There are plenty of both kinds of assignments available, so you get to ick and choose what you want.

Mystery Shopper Duties: The Actual Shop

Mystery Shopper Duties: The Report

Probably the last thing you should be aware of in the list of mystery shopper duties is the report. Once you have shopped and made all of your notes, you will need to submit your findings. With the vast majority of mystery shopping companies, this is a simple online form. If you are not sure where to start then Market Force is a great company to begin with.

The report is a set of questions (usually yes/no) where you give the mystery shopping company (and the client) a strong idea of the service you received in store that day. This takes only a few minutes to quarter of an hour, depending on your internet connection, your comfort with technology and the size of the report.

Mystery Shopper Duties: The Reprt - give feedback

If you have any questions about the mystery shopper duties you might be required to perform then drop us a line. We’d be only too glad to help. If you want to know more then get the book!