January 20, 2020
  • January 20, 2020
mystery shopper email

What is Mystery Shopper Email?

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Mystery Shopper Email may be something you have never heard of. After all, the most popular types of mystery shopping are assignments at an actual physical location. Whilst monitoring specific things as set out in your brief. However, email mystery shopping is becoming more and more popular, as many services are now also online

How Does Mystery Shopper Email Work?

You would register with a mystery shopping company as normal. When you find a suitable opportunity, you then apply, like you usually would. If you find you have been successful, this is where this type of opportunity is fairly different from a traditional mystery shopper exercise. 

mystery shopper email

Where Do You Carry Out Mystery Shopping Email?

Instead of actually leaving your home and visiting somewhere like a store or a restaurant, this type of opportunity can be completed at home. e.g. on your computer or mobile device. Of course, you will still receive a brief from the mystery shopping company, but you have the advantage that you don’t have to conceal anything, as no one is watching you. So, the chances of getting mystery shopper email wrong are fairly low.

How Do You Carry Out Mystery Shopper Email?

You will be provided with some details about the company you have to contact via e-mail. It may be necessary to write specific things in the e-mail or follow a common scenario. E-mail contact with the company may need to be made through the client’s website. You will probably need to take evidence that you have submitted the e-mail. In your final report, you will need to document any responses received from the company contacted.