May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
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Mystery Shopper Employment Full-Time. Is it Possible?

By on December 19, 2019 0 288 Views

Making a full-time wage from mystery shopper employment isn’t impossible, but it could be difficult. People who work part-time, are retired or still in education are often the best candidates for mystery shopping.

Here’s What You Need To Know If You Want To Be A Full-Time Mystery Shopper:

User profiles. Mystery shopping companies have a specific idea of who they are looking for to complete their assignments. Senior directors of a women’s clothing brand looking to understand their target demographic better aren’t going to accept applications from a 21-year-old male for obvious reasons. 

Quick movers. Popular mystery shopping assignments don’t stay around for long. Particularly easy to complete or well-paid assignments. If you’re serious about becoming a full-time mystery shopper, you’ll need to act fast.

mystery shopper employment

Advertising and marketing roles. Admittedly, we were able to find some roles online for full-time mystery shoppers. However, these tended to be full-time advertising and marketing roles for specific companies. If this could be of interest to you, we suggest looking at the larger brands which are more likely to advertise for these positions. 

Video surveillance. Another way to reach your goal of becoming a full-time mystery shopper more quickly would be to look for mystery shopping assignments which involve video surveillance. Compared to regular mystery shopper assignments, these ones tend to be higher paid. So, taking more of these assignments are more likely to get you to your full-time goal quicker.

Our Final Word On Full Time Mystery Shopper Employment

Ultimately, the amount of income you are looking to generate from mystery shopping depends on how picky you are. Mystery shopping, in our opinion, is best suited to people who are retired, in education or who are already working part-time. It’s the perfect way to earn a reasonable side gig or to get your hands on some useful freebies. However, for those looking to forge a serious career in mystery shopping, the hard work starts now. Good luck!