January 20, 2020
  • January 20, 2020
mystery shopper evaluation form

Everything You Need to Know About Mystery Shopper Evaluation Forms

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Mystery shoppers complete a mystery shopper evaluation form whilst completing their assignments. Mystery shopping companies then use this information to work out strongly performing areas. Or areas requiring improvement.

For most businesses, they want to know that their staff are interacting with customers well. Or that customers leave feeling satisfied with the service received.

Mystery Shopper Evaluation Forms & Impartial Observation

Mystery shopping companies brief an impartial observer who attends their premises and observes a number of different things.

A key part of this is the mystery shopper evaluation form. A way of gathering impartial and unbiased information. This helps businesses gauge how they are performing.

Mystery shopper evaluation forms typically use a number of different question formats. The most simple ones can be a ‘yes or no’ response. Whilst more complex answers require a text description or a rating scale. The mystery shopper may need to submit just the evaluation form. Or an accompanying report as well.

Ultimately, the entire evaluation is scored using a number out of ten. Or a percentage. This helps provide a top level overview to the company being evaluated.

mystery shopper evaluation form

Types of Questions Asked on Evaluation Forms

This varies greatly based on industry. However, some common questions cover things like:

  • Amount of parking available outside
  • Ease of navigating the building
  • First impressions of the interior
  • Ease of finding a staff member
  • Friendliness and helpfulness of staff
  • Was staff member wearing name badge and uniform?
  • How quickly did staff member deal with query?