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mystery shopper evaluator

‘Mystery Shopper Evaluator’ vs ‘Mystery Shopper’. What’s the Difference?

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A person that carries out mystery shopping duties can go by a number of different names. Although ‘mystery shopper’ and ‘secret shopper’ are the most common, some mystery shopping companies give their delegates the role of ‘mystery shopper evaluator’, essentially the same thing. 

The thing which interests us is the choice of words, i.e. evaluator. Which is essentially at the heart of what a mystery shopper does. Visits a store, restaurant or hotel, and evaluates or assesses the entire experience from beginning to end. 

mystery shopper evaluator

Mystery Shopper Evaluators. What Do They Do?

Mystery shopper evaluators normally have to do these things:

  • Determining how easy it is to get parked and locate the entrance
  • Seeing how welcoming the reception area is, and whether a staff member acknowledged you
  • Noticing how helpful and courteous the member of staff was
  • Noting how appealing the environment is and how clean/organised it is
  • Making any other necessary comments about your visit as necessary

Notice that the types of responses can vary. Some can be very black and white, simply requiring you to submit a yes or no answer. Others are a bit more detailed and require you to give a more detailed response. Regardless, the important thing is to base your answers on observations rather than personal opinion. 

Aside From ‘Evaluating’, What Else Does a Mystery Shopper Do?

The word ‘evaluator’ only explains one part of what a mystery shopper does. i.e. visiting a particular location and checking things off a list. There are other things which a mystery shopper needs to do, however. Including:

  • Complete and submit a report at home
  • Communicate with the mystery shopping company if you have any questions or concerns
  • Submit your own tax or self-assessment if needed
  • Sort out expenses paperwork and submit