May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
mystery shopper example report

Benefits of a Mystery Shopper Example Report

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If you’re thinking about getting into mystery shopping, but curious about seeing a mystery shopper example report before you actually take the plunge, we have done the hard work for you, and have provided some of the best examples below. Now you can see examples of things your mystery shopping company may want you to include in your reports. As well as a better idea of the details you may have to go into.

mystery shopper example report

Best Types of Mystery Shopper Example Report Has a mystery shopper example report compiled for a restaurant in texas back in 2009. Outlines just some of the types of questions you may need to answer, plus a longer example of a mystery shopper essay. This site goes beyond standard mystery shopper example reports by looking at specific scenarios. There are reports for both positive and negative customer service scenarios, plus essays on what makes a good mystery shopper application, and ‘why I should become a mystery shopper’. There are some very good and detailed examples of various mystery shopping reports within this PDF. Particularly if you’re interested in mystery shopping for fitness sales, small stores or restaurants. Another great site full of mystery shopper checklists for a range of industries. Make sure you check this one out if you are interested in mystery shopping for the hospitality of retail sectors. A detailed checklist of some of the questions you may have to answer for a mystery shopping exercise in retail. 

Obviously, surveys and reports will vary based on the requirements of the mystery shopping companies client. However, we hope these examples at least give you a flavour as to the types of questions you might answer when carrying out a mystery shopping assignment in future.