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Mystery Shopper Example

Mystery Shopper Example

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The most common mystery shopper example is visiting a retail store. This typically involves visiting a store, making a transaction, then writing up a report of your experience. 

In such a scenario, it is important not to give your own opinion. Instead, you are working on behalf of the mystery shopping company to assess the retail outlet based on a number of pre-determined factors. A complete guide to becoming a mystery shopper can be found on this site.

The level of detail that might be needed can vary from company to company. Sometimes, you may only need to make casual observations. Whereas in other assignments, the mystery shopping company may lay down strict criteria. So you might have to ask very specific questions or make focused observations.

Mystery Shopper Example

The Retail Store Mystery Shopper Example

Typical things you will be asked to observe in this mystery shopper example include:

  1. The number of employees you noticed on the shop floor
  2. Whether you were greeted when you entered and how long this took
  3. Names of any staff you interacted with
  4. Names of any products that you were shown and how well the assistant explained them
  5. Whether you were offered to join a mailing list or a credit account at the tills
  6. Observing how clean the store is
  7. Looking at how the staff appear and if they are wearing the right uniform

How Much You Can Expect to Get Paid

Mystery shopping assignments tend to be paid per assignment, rather than by the hour. In the UK, around £12 is the going rate per assignment. Some assignments aren’t paid for. Rather, you are able to claim expenses, such as travel. Or keep any products which you purchased. Be aware though that there will be a limitation to this.