May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
mystery shopper for Aldi

What to Expect as a Mystery Shopper For Aldi

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If you become a mystery shopper for Aldi, you’ll realise it’s fairly different from other supermarkets in terms of the way they do things. Because Aldi streamlines their in-store operations, they recruit small teams, have a smaller product selection and a standardised store layout compared to other big supermarkets. Plus, the fact they are so big and have access to a massive supply chain is the reason why they can sell their products so cheaply.

Customer Service & Mystery Shopper For Aldi

If you become a mystery shopper for Aldi, you may expect the customer service to be dire. However, at Aldi, you’re always guaranteed sensational customer service. 

mystery shopper for Aldi

Is a Mystery Shop in Aldi Just Like Any Other Supermarket? 

It’ll be similar, but there are a few key differences to note:

  • Aldi hire smaller teams who multi-task more, so when you’re looking to evaluate staff during your visit, you’ll need to work that little bit harder to find them on the shop floor
  • Aldi pay their staff more than just the UK minimum wage. So, expect great service as a result
  • Staff employed by Aldi are always on the go in-store. So don’t take it personally if their interactions with you are swift and efficient
  • Aldi really want to know about your experience at the checkout, so regularly ask customers to fill in a survey using a code from their receipt
  • The checkout experience at Aldi is fast. You don’t pack your items at the till. Instead, you place them in your trolley, where you can then pack your bags at the packing shelf in front of the checkouts
  • The way you evaluate store appearance is one thing unique to Aldi. Most items aren’t stacked individually but placed in cardboard boxes, making restocking easier for staff
  • Aldi has far fewer product lines than the other four main supermarkets in the UK. So, if you’re asked to find something specific during your mystery shop, chances are, you’ll be able to find it fairly quickly