May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Mystery Shopper Guidelines

Mystery Shopper Guidelines

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As with anything we do in life, Mystery Shopper Guidelines are in place. The mystery shopping company doesn’t want you to go off and do your own thing. They are measuring specific things. Here are the Mystery Shopper Guidelines that will help you stay on track and earn cash.


Each mystery shopping assignment will have strict times attached to them. For example, if you are supposed to measure the breakfast service of a certain fast food place then they may want you to visit before 10am. And there might be days that they don’t want a visit, such as the weekend when they are already busy. Look at the mystery shopping questionnaire and you will see what you have to do here. If in doubt, drop them a line.


You will most probably be required to buy a certain thing or things. If you are in a clothing shop, then they might want you to buy an item of men’s clothing from the menswear section. This means you MUST buy an item of mens clothing.

Again, the mystery shopping company wants to measure specific things. It might be different the following month. That’s why it is important to check the mystery shopper guidelines.


There are often specific questions you need to ask. The mystery shopper guidelines will indicate these. I remember one for a restaurant that is no longer trading –

Is your tea/coffee Fair Trade?

It was a question designed to see if the employee engaged in conversation after the fact. They were looking for the service levels given and the knowledge the team have about the things they are selling.

Mystery Shopper Guidelines

As you can see, the mystery shopper guidelines are in place to help measure the service given. A mystery shopping programme is designed with this measurement in mind. Looking at how this works can help you become a better mystery shopper.

If you are new to all this, then we recommend two resources to begin with. Firstly, get the book – it is filled with information to get you on the right track. Then sign up with Market Force. They are a good place to begin for any newbie mystery shopper.