February 26, 2020
  • February 26, 2020
mystery shopper hotel jobs

Mystery Shopper Hotel Jobs

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Before embarking on mystery shopper hotel jobs, it’s first useful to look at what you might be expected to do in such an assignment. Just some of the things you might be expected to do include:

Checking Front Desk. Looking at the efficiency and service staff display when checking you in or out, or how well they arrange a room reservation. 

Evaluating Other Staff. Seeing how efficient the concierge, porter or room service is. Monitoring how thorough the cleaning staff are in tidying your room.

Monitoring the standards of upkeep. How clean everything is, including the leisure club and spa. 

Seeing how good the catering is. Making sure the staff have a good knowledge of the menu and wine list. Noting the choice of food on the menu and the quality of food ordered. 

Mystery Shopper Hotel Jobs Currently Available

ITS Incognito. This company is always looking out for new mystery shoppers, however, their selection process is fairly rigorous. They pride themselves on having a select group on their database so they can be sure they have mystery shoppers who are experts in their field. If you’re passionate about great customer service, have an exceptional eye for detail and are a positive communicator, you could very much be what ITS Incognito are looking for.

MCE Secret Shopping. They say that they have a large client base and so are always in need of new mystery shoppers. If you match with one of their opportunities, you can receive more information by e-mail, however, you don’t have to accept. Interested? Register on their portal and wait for mystery shopper hotel jobs to start rolling in.

Coyle Hospitality. They require independent hotel mystery shoppers to measure key parts of the guest experience which affects customer loyalty and satisfaction. Register on their site today to see what’s available in your area.

Mystery Shoppers. Mystery Shoppers Ltd recruit self-employed shoppers to help them with a growing number of assignments they have available. If you’re looking for a hotel mystery shopper job, spend a few minutes to sign up then look at the available assignments page to apply for any you like the sound of. If you’re successful, you’ll be assigned and then complete the mystery shop. You’ll receive a payment within 28 days via PayPal or BACS.