July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
mystery shopper hotels

Mystery Shopper Hotels

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There is a lot to like about staying in a hotel. From room service, hotel bars and spa’s through to luxury rooms and high-end restaurants, there’s often something for everyone. Nevertheless, if you’re considering breaking out into mystery shopper hotels, you will have to do some work at least! Whether this be monitoring the service at the front desk, observing cleanliness in guest rooms or how quickly the food arrives, the list of things required can be extensive. But, if you’re firmly set on becoming a hotel mystery shopper, here’s a roundup of the best jobs going.

Best Companies for Mystery Shopper Hotels

ITS Incognito

This company are always on the lookout for new mystery shoppers to visit their client’s hotels. Be warned, however, that getting accepted is no walk in the park. They are very selective who they have on board, admitting they’d rather have a select few than a huge database. Nevertheless, if you have a passion for good service, as well as a positive and constructive communication style, you may as well apply and see how you get on. Find out more on their FAQ page and apply today.

mystery shopper hotels

Coyle Hospitality

Coyle design and implement market research and mystery shopping for many industries, including hotels. Operating now for over twenty years, they are a member of the MSPA and have a huge client list spanning over seventy countries. They offer an easier process than ITS, with approval being immediate on signup. To learn more, check out their page or go straight to a new application.

MCE Secret Shopping

Although they provide mystery shoppers for a range of different industries, they list hotels as one on their website. So, if you’re in the market for fun and engaging work which will involve making notes and observations whilst monitoring staff, this could be good for you. It also pays well. Want to know more? Read this page or go straight to the application here.