May 26, 2020
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Mystery Shopper How Much Can You Earn

Mystery Shopper How Much Can You Earn

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Mystery Shopper How Much Can You Earn

If you want some extra cash, then you’ll want to know as a mystery shopper how much you can earn. There are no simple formulas for this.

People earn different amounts. And it mainly depends on the activity. It’s easy if you think about it. If you carry out more assignments, you earn more. If you only mystery shop every few weeks or even every few months, then you won’t earn a great deal.

Mystery shopper how much can you earn is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. But there are some clues to what that is. Let’s take a look.

Mystery Shopper How Much Can You Earn

Mystery Shopper How Much Can You Earn

Being a mystery shopper is loads of fun. But you want to know the cold hard cash that goes with it too. Here’s our short guide to this –

An average fee when working with the top UK mystery shopping companies is between £10 and £20. This is the money you get paid for carrying out an assignment. If you have to make a purchase, then this is usually in addition to this fee.

A social media mystery shop can take only a few minutes and earn between £3 and £5. If you get a decent amount of these, then you can start to earn good money without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Going to a coffee shop can earn you somewhere in the region of £10. It’s nice to be able to pay for a coffee or even lunch with your mystery shopper activity.

The Guardian claims a mystery shopper can earn as much as £40,000 per year. I find this a little fanciful, but can definitely see how you can earn good money if you keep at it. Join a few mystery shopping companies at the same time to increase your earnings. I recommend Market Force.

Some mystery shopping companies pay a referral fee of up to £10. If you refer a friend or family member, you can earn cash.

Now you have a better idea of Mystery Shopper How Much Can You Earn