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Mystery Shopper Images

Mystery Shopper Images

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Mystery shopping has changed. As we embrace new technology, there are elements of mystery shopping that are different to what they were a few short years ago. 2019 has seen a lot of change. Mystery shopper images is a main area for change.

If you have been mystery shopping for a while then you will remember days when mystery shopper images were not as important. You might have had to take an image of your receipt. And not much else. Now times are very different. I carried out an assignment last week where I had to buy a main meal and two drinks at a popular pub chain. And the images needed were –

  • One of the main meal
  • Tow images, one of each drink
  • A photo of the front of the location
  • One of the receipt

So, in total, there were five images needed to support this mystery shopping assignment. I have a couple of tips here to help you with the mystery shopper images that will help you.

Mystery Shopper Images

Taking Images Discretely

This is a major one. There’s nothing quite like giving away the fact that you are a mystery shopper like taking a photo of your dinner. And your drinks. And then the front of the location too.

I suggest that you use your smart[hone camera to take the images. The beauty of a smartphone is that it does many things. You could be on a call, surfing the internet of playing an app. Think about what you look like when doing one of these activities. Look like you’re playing a game over your dinner and then take a mystery shopper image. The same with the drinks in this example.

Always take the photo of the location as you leave. That way, you have competed the assignment and you’re walking away. If you take it while you are entering then you can be spotted. It takes away the mystery.

Mystery Shopper Images

Quality Of Mystery Shopper Images

If you manage to take your images discretely, then great. It will help to get a true reflection of your visit. You don’t want to give the game away and find that you get exceptional service because they know you’re a mystery shopper. If you get spotted there are some techniques you could use.

The quality of the images is something else. Nobody expects a mystery shopper image to be good enough to hang on the walls of an art museum.

But you do need to follow the guidelines. Mystery shoppers I’ve spoken to don’t realise there are guidelines for images. Most of them look for a landscape image with a certain size. Your smartphone camera will take care of the sizing. They need a decent quality to send on to clients.

Try to look at the image requirements on the job notes before you head off. It would be a real shame to miss out on payment because your image wasn’t right.

If you are new to mystery shopping then Market Force is s great choice. They have loads of assignments and pay promptly. Check them out.