July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
mystery shopper in my area

Mystery Shopper in My Area

By on February 25, 2020 0 313 Views

Something we get asked frequently at Mystery Shopping Tips is ‘how do I become a mystery shopper in my area?’. There are several ways you can do this. The most popular way is to register with a mystery shopping company. Once they have approved your application, you’ll then have the chance to look at local opportunities and achieve your goal of becoming a ‘mystery shopper in my area’. 

Do you have a car and don’t mind travelling beyond your local town or city? You could consider one of the many other opportunities that are available in your wider area. You may also discover mystery shopping opportunities that you can complete at home, such as evaluating the service of a call centre or catalogue shopping company.

mystery shopper in my area

Are There Any Other Ways to Look for Jobs as a Mystery Shopper in My Area?

Job Sites. You might find mystery shopping opportunities in your local area using sites like MonsterFish4JobsReed or even LinkedIn. Be warned, however, that you probably won’t see as many as you would on mystery shopping company websites. Additionally, you may also have to wade through a fair amount of spam and surveys before you find something worthwhile.

Local Council. This may something you hadn’t considered, but often, local councils require mystery shoppers to evaluate their services. Darlington Council advertises for mystery shoppers to check their landlords and housing service. Granted this isn’t a paid opportunity but your expenses will be paid for and you’ll have the satisfaction of shaping local services in your community. It goes to show that not all mystery shopping opportunities are checking the shelves at Sainsbury’s. 

Department of Work and Pensions. We found opportunities on their website for young mystery shoppers aged 19 to 20 to visit town centre retailers and evaluate them. We think this is an excellent opportunity because even if you’re heading to uni in September, you can bring your duties with you as they operate all over the UK.