July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020

Mystery Shopper Job Description

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If you’re considering mystery shopping, you may be curious to know what’s involved. We’ve taken a look at the most common tasks mentioned in a mystery shopper job description, providing everything you need to know to make a decision whether this type of opportunity is for you and if you would enjoy doing the assignments.

Key Things Required from a Mystery Shopper Job Description

The most common things listed in mystery shopper job descriptions are basic requirements like travelling to the place in question. Often, you will be provided with a specific set of instructions and may have to make a purchase. But don’t worry, you will be paid expenses once your mystery shopping company receives your receipts. This includes travel costs. You will probably need to write notes as well so you have all the information needed to write a report when getting home. 

Customer Service Elements

You will probably need to approach a member of staff to ask them a question about a product or service. They will be none the wiser of your reasons for the visit. You will need to see how well the associate is able to sell products and if they can answer your questions sufficiently. Make sure you take the name of the colleague you speak to as you might have to include it later on in your mystery shopper report.

Other Things You May Have to Do as Part of a Mystery Shopping Assignment

  • Fill in a questionnaire throughout the assignment
  • Write a report on your visit when you get home
  • Submit your report to your mystery shopping company, along with receipts so you can claim back expenses