May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Mystery Shopper Job Reviews

Mystery Shopper Job Reviews

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Market Force. One of the Best Mystery Shopper Job Reviews

Some of the best things we found in Mystery Shopper Job Reviews for Market Force are that there are plentiful opportunities available. Particularly within the food and drink sector. You can pretty much take on as many or as few assignments you want. The assignments tend to be fairly straightforward to carry out. Market Force offer mystery shopping opportunities that offer a great way to earn extra cash around your existing job. 

On the flip side, there were some reviews that suggested Market Force could improve a couple of things for their mystery shoppers. People complained that the wages were quite poor, based on the time taken to travel and carry out the mystery shop. Another common complaint was the amount of data entry required on returning from the assignment. People didn’t like the fact that even the smallest of errors could render your assignment void with no payment for the hard work completed.

Mystery Shopper Job Reviews for Mystery Shoppers Limited

Some of the things people loved about working for Mystery Shoppers Ltd, according to mystery shopper job reviews, were their helpful and friendly staff who offered plenty of time to carry out your assignment. Payments are reported as being on time and the pay is supposedly decent. Mystery shoppers of Mystery Shoppers Ltd also love the good range of assignments on offer.

The most common downfalls of working with this company appeared to be staff who were sometimes described as being dishonest and rude. People also told us that communication could sometimes be poor. And the opportunities on offer were sometimes limited, although others disagree as you can see above. As for other mystery shopping companies, if reports or questionnaires weren’t completed ‘by the book’, the assignment could be unpaid. 

Secret Shopper

Reasons why many people love to do mystery shops with Secret Shopper are the great staff who help create a good working environment. The working environment has been described as interesting, and mystery shoppers appreciate the flexibility offered in carrying out the assignments. 

However, shoppers were disgruntled with the amount of time taken to approve reports and get paid. This is believed to be down to the fact that the company accountant only works part-time. Management were sometimes described as ‘poor’. And once again, if errors are made in reports, the shopper risks not getting paid for their hard work. Finally, mystery shoppers at Secret Shopper found the overly generic feedback annoying on their assignments. They would appreciate something more personalised and detailed.