May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020

Mystery Shopper Jobs Legit

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If you’re looking for mystery shopper jobs legit, there are many great opportunities out there. As a starting point, take a look at some of these reputable companies who provide quality mystery shopper opportunities.

Where to Look for Mystery Shopper Jobs Legit

MarketForce. One of the most popular mystery shopper companies out there, and for good reason. As well as being award-winning, they have a diverse range of opportunities from retail, to restaurants, banks and even casinos. Anyone for a quick game of poker?

ARC Consulting. This is a great one for those interested in mystery shopping over the phone. You’ll need to call a business, posing as a customer. You’ll then need to provide feedback on this. There are opportunities to also perform audits over the phone. 

A Closer Look. A good opportunity but does require you to do a couple of tests involving things like spelling and grammar. You’ll also need to critique a short piece of text and write an essay on an experience in a restaurant, store or another place you recently went to.

Sinclair Customer Metrics. This mystery shopping company is pretty much like any other, except there is one important difference. You may have a chance to get involved with ‘video mystery shopping’. You’ll have to wear a video camera to monitor interactions with staff. Opportunities like these tend to offer more money as well.

A Final Note on Becoming a Mystery Shopper

If you’re looking for some extra cash around existing employment, mystery shopping could be just the ticket! You can earn decent money. However, make sure the company you work with is reputable as there are lots of scams doing the rounds in this arena. 

Mystery shopping is good fun! So why not take a look at the opportunities advertised with the companies mentioned, and get started on your mystery shopping journey today?