July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Mystery Shopper List

Mystery Shopper List

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I always carry a mystery shopper list with me when on assignment. There will be a questionnaire and other things, but I find that writing a few notes down in my handwriting helps with two things –

  • I remember things better
  • I have a short point of reference in case I need it

Writing things down yourself has an effect on the brain. It makes the thing easier to remember. And that in itself means you get a better experience. Forgetting something means you go back in. Or worse, you don’t complete the shop. It doesn’t take masses of memory and attention to be a great mystery shopper but there are a few things to remember.

Let’s take a look at what is typically on my mystery shopper list.

Mystery Shopper List

My Mystery Shopper List

There are things that I always have on the list. These are the essentials, as far as I am concerned. My mystery shopper list looks like this.

Exact address. This means I never end up lost. I have been to assignments in bookmakers where they were in the most obscure place, attached to the side or back of another building. Without the address and the satnav on my phone I don’t think I’d have ever found them.

Photo requirements. There are more and more requirements linked to images as time goes by. Forget one, and you run the risk of not being paid. I always add the photo requirements to the top if my mystery shopper list.

Money. It’s what we’re in this for. I like to keep an eye on the amount I’m spending. So, I have a note of how much the reimbursement and how much the fee is. This way I can spend within those limits and ensure I’m not out of pocket.

These are the essential items, the ones that are on every list. But there are more.

Mystery Shopper List

Other Items

And there will always be assignment-specific notes to go with this. And mine look like this.

Name and description. At some stage of the assignment there will probably be a requirement to give the name and description of someone who served you. This allows the company to identify any training or support needs. I make a note of these, so I remember what to do.

Compulsory elements. There will be things you have to do. In a restaurant this might be ‘visit the loos.’ In a clothing store it might be ‘use the changing rooms.’ These compulsory elements always make it onto my mystery shopper list so I can ensure I don’t forget.

As you get more experienced mystery shopping, then this list becomes the thing you can lean on and never miss out. I always give it a quick read before I enter the location. It refreshes my mind and gets me ready. If you haven’t already, then sign up as a mystery shopper with Market Force. I think they are the best mystery shopping company in the UK.