May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Mystery Shopper Magazine

Mystery Shopper Magazine

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At Mystery Shopping Tips, we’re always on the lookout for great content or news that we can pass onto our readers about mystery shopping. So when looking for information relating to ‘mystery shopper magazine’ we were delighted when we found an excellent article on mystery shopping by SAGA. Specifically, if you want to know how to become a mystery shopper, and the benefits it can bring, continue reading for a quick summary.

What is Mystery Shopping? 

A mystery shopper evaluates the service being given to a customer by virtually any type of business. This information is then used by that company to improve their service. You really can start where you want, although most tend to begin with easy assignments like visiting a store. Some assignments can be done at home, like testing website usability or contacting an energy supplier, posing as a customer thinking of changing their provider.

Mystery Shopper Magazine

I’m In! How do I Get Started?

  1. Head online and search for mystery companies who are registered with the mystery shoppers providers association (MSPA) Some popular choices include Marketforce, Tern and GBW
  2. Complete their application form through their website. You may be asked in-depth questions about things like your household, car and hobbies. This is to basically match you to the best opportunities for you.
  3. They might ask you to complete some tests like spelling and grammar, or a test where you have to study a picture and answer questions about it.

What Types of Shops Can I Complete?

Virtually any industry offering a service! Here are some of the most common and popular.

Food and Drink. Get paid for the food and drink you buy, plus extra on top.

Shops. Buying an item of clothing from a fashion store and either keeping it, or returning it.

Bank. Posing as an investor and having a discussion with an advisor. This tends to pay well.

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